Centennial History

Volume 13

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – March 1942

Sunday Evening Lenten Services: Starting the First Sunday in March we will hold special Lenten services. Every man and woman, young and old, connected with our church should attend these services in preparation for the Passion Week and the Easter Celebration. WORSHIP GOD EACH SUNDAY NIGHT WITH YOUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS.

Rev. Edw. Nuss was the guest speaker at our final Sunday evening Lenten service. A goodly number of our people attended the service in spite of bad roads: turn about is fair play, so our pastor went to Ledyard on Wednesday evening and preached the final Wednesday Evening Lenten Services in the City Hall which was being used by the Evangelical and Reformed Congregation. The weather was very bad at this service, but a goodly number of people attended.

Volume 14

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – May 1937

Church Building: By the time this paper gets into your hands you will, no doubt, know that the building plans that we have been working on for some time have not only materialized but that you as a congregation have with your financial support backed those plans so vigorously and faithfully that your building committee has been able to meet with contractors and sign a contract with the lowest bidder.

By the time the work has been completed, the church property will be increased almost twenty thousand dollars in value. Here are a few of the facts about building.

  1. It will take about four months to completely carry out the plans.
  2. The basement will be excavated by the men and boys of the church. The ladies will be able to help with serving tea, coffee, and meals to the volunteer laborers.
  3. Wiring and plumbing labor will be volunteer.
  4. The church, when completed, will be 100 feet long.
  5. Besides basement rooms there will be three Sunday School rooms on the first floor and three on the second.
  6. Winter forced heating and cooling in summer will be installed.
  7. There will be a gallery large enough to hold 35 to 40 people.
  8. A conservative estimate places the capacity of the church at 525. Six hundred or more can be seated with chairs and a bit of crowding.
  9. The Sanctuary will not be used for educational classes to meet.
  10. The auditorium in the basement will hold 350 people easily.
  11. The stage platform will be built so that all programs may be rendered in the basement auditorium.
  12. Cathedral glass will be installed in all the windows.
  13. Special attention has been given to the needs of the church choir.
  14. Running water will be piped into church from the system in the house.

There are so many other facts that might be mentioned – but one page is all that I may command. So just a word to you who are a part of the congregation, and this "word" will be a fact too: The word is COOPERATION.

What will bring a blessing upon our building program, what will assure it of complete success, what will help fill the additional room which we have provided for? Nothing else but the blessing of God brought upon us by our Spirit of real Christian Cooperation. In days when motor trucks hadn't taken the place of horse drawn trucks, an incident happened in New York City which may be a special blessing to us today. A very large horse drawn truck loaded down with iron got stuck on the street car line. A street car was waiting to get past. A large crowd had gathered to watch "the fun". But try as he would the driver of the four horse team could not get his team to budge that heavy load. He cracked his whip, he called to them, he scolded, but it didn’t help.

Just then on the other side of the street a man stopped his two horse team, at that they were little horses, and called to the driver of the stationary wagon that he should unhitch his four horses. At first the driver of the truck didn’t want to do so. But finally he unhooked his team. The other driver brought his two lighter horses, hooked them to the wagon. Then he stepped up into the drivers cab. He called to his team, slowly they put their weight into the collars, the muscles of their legs began to strain, the wagon moved off the tracks. What was his secret? Those horses pulled together. The four of the first team hadn’t.

Now there is a lesson in that horse story for us. Do we want the history of the past 52 years of our church glorified, then we will all need to work together. In union there is strength. If you as a congregation will now look for ways and means to labor together for the Lord, you will find the ways and means to do so. If you look for things to criticize you will find them – but by doing that you will be tearing down the work of the Lord.

Let us here at Ramsey, make this our prayer, "Dear God, we have made great plans, but we have done it in prayer. Thou hast thus far sustained those plans. Now, bless us in the future and help us to realize the completion of our hopes. Amen"