Centennial History

Volume 11

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – April

Deaths: Boyd S. Pannkuk died on March 3rd at the age of 81 years. Funeral services were held at the home under the direction of Rev. M.A. Schulz of the Lutheran Church and at the Ramsey Church by his pastor, the Rev. Calvin Schnucker. He was laid to rest on the Ramsey cemetery. There were six ministers in attendance at this funeral.

Sickness: There has been much sickness in our community during the last month – too much to be able to mention them all. There has been no serious sickness, however, except that Hanno Severiens was taken to the Kossuth Hospital for care for asthma and flu. Your home news reporter was interested in finding out how many of the people from our church were vaccinated for small pox during this last smallpox scare. She reports that 249 were vaccinated. Several of the families were not contacted, so there may be more to report. Miss Johanna Erickson, teacher at the Center School, went to Rochester last week for a Clinical examination. She has been ailing for over a year with gall difficulties. They have advised her to give up teaching and have a complete rest. However, she attempted to continue her duties Monday, but came home severely ill.

Accidents: Lloyd Gray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gray, had his arm in a washing machine wringer two weeks ago. He still has a very sore arm.

Volume 12

"Ramsey Home Visitor" – April 1937

At the recent congregational meeting several important decisions were reached: The same three members of the consistory whose terms had expired were re-elected. It was planned to completely rebuild the old church – providing funds were available. The consistory term was changed from two to three years tenure. The church adopted the individual communion service. Committees were appointed to act as collecting agency for the church building and as building committee. Mission Festival will be postponed until fall, if present building plans materialize. A parking ground, directly south of the house was purchased from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company recently by the Ramsey Church. The purchase price was a little less than $100.

Total amount raised by Ramsey Church for every purpose from April 1,1936 until April 1, 1937 including mission monies and organizations - $5,197.00.

The Young Peoples Club will sponsor a musical evening in the church on Sunday evening, April 18. The musical talent of the local High School, under direction of Mr. Stewart, will present the program.