Guide for viewing Ramsey Photo Album:



If you are taken to a login in page, please go to Microsoft web site, download and install Silver Light software. After installing Silver Light, refresh your browser. The Photo Albums then shoud be viewable.


There are a few ways to view the Ramsey Photo Albums.

1. Click on “Play Slide Show” at the top One Drive header, first item after Share. This will play the photos as a slide show. Press “esc” on your keyboard to leave the slide show. You can also leave the slide show by clicking on the photo.


2.  On the One Drive header, right side of the screen there are light blue arrows on both the Previous and Next sides of the photos. Use these to scroll backwards or forwards. As you click through the photos, the current photo will have a caption on the bottom photo. Only "The Ark" album has captions.


3. You can also download the photo, by clickig on the "download" on the One Drive header, 4th item from the left.

image of download link


4.  On the right hand side of the Next arrow on the right side of the screen (under Create account"), you can click on “X” you will be able to see all of the photos in the album. When you find a photo you want to view in a larger size, double click on that photo to view it in the center viewing window. The left – right arrows will appear to move through the photos in the upper right hand corner.




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