Reverend Daniel Schaefer & Family

Served: 1887-1893

image of Rev Danial Schaefer & Family

The first minister of the Ramsey church, after that church had joined the Reformed Denomination, was Reverend Daniel Schaefer. The Rev. Schaefer was born in Oregon, Illinois, Sept. 27, 1857. His primary education was received in his home community. He went to Mission House College, near Sheboygan, Wisconsin and graduated from there in 1881. He first served as a pastor of the Reformed Church in the United States, at Bongards, Minnesota, from 1882 until 1887. In the fall of 1886 he received a call to become the pastor of that small Eastfriesian congregation located at Ramsey, Iowa. Having accepted that call, he moved to Ramsey in 1887 and during his time, served the Ramsey church diligently.


His efforts were tireless. He not only preached in his own church at Ramsey, but carried on extension service in two different localities, both of which now have organized churches. One of these was near Woden, and the other was ten miles north east, in the community which is now Buffalo Center. This station was later organized as the Buffalo Center Reformed Church, and has become one of our large German churches.


Mr. Schaefer well remembers the early beginnings of the Ramsey Church—how both the house and the church were located on the open prairie, without any trees or protection. He himself planted the trees which still surround the church property. It was through his efforts that a cemetery was established directly north of the church. He had the honor of baptizing the first children, marrying the first couples, and burying the first people from the Ramsey church. Just recently, Rev. Mr. Schaefer had the opportunity to return to Ramsey. It was a joy for him to see that the work which he had actually begun, continued to grow and prosper.


In 1893, the Reformed church, south of Parkersburg, Iowa, called him to their service. He remained at Parkersburg for fifteen years, and was then called to the Reformed church at Stout, Iowa, where he served for six years, after which he moved to the small Mission church at Bristow and served there from 1908 until 1914. At that time he retired from active service. Since retiring, Rev. Mr. Schaefer made his home in Freeport, Illinois, and actively served his denomination as treasurer of our school at German Valley, Illinois, the Pleasant Prairie Academy.


Rev. Daniel Schaefer