Reverend Arend Roskamp

Served: 1948-1955


image of  Rev Roskamp and his wife

I was born and raised in Wright County near Kanawha, Iowa. My grade schooling was given me in a country school through the 8th grade. I took no more schooling for seven years, then I went through High School, then through a two year college in Grundy Center, Iowa. Then two years in Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Then two years in Princeton Seminary in New Jersey and one year in Philadelphia.


I served three churches in Canada (Presbyterian Calvinistic Denomination) One in Nova Scotia and two in Saskatchewan. For 32 months after serving, I had no churches because I entered the Chaplain work in the Second World War. Part of that work was in the United States and some in India.


Thereafter I served three Reformed Churches in Iowa and one in Michigan. At age 66 the Lord gave me these churches to help, one month in Strasburg, one month in Quebec, four months in Labrador, three months in Minneapolis, four months in Bristow, Iowa and eighteen months in Allison, Iowa. Then I worked as a chaplain for three years in Michigan  and have been working in our city for eight years.


Mrs. Roskamp was raised in southeastern Iowa. She attended several colleges and taught school.


Eight children blessed our home: Paul, Bert, Helen, Miller, Gresham, Robert, Dianne and Marcia.


When Ramsey called me to be their pastor we accepted the call with great joy. The people at Ramsey showed their love to us in many ways. Especially when we had our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We knew nothing of the preparations for an evening celebration. It was glorious, a program and gifts and all the best wishes to us.


While at Ramsey I proposed that the church sponsor a missionary project and that the church take on four missionary families. This project was accepted.


A ball field was built equipped with lights.


Then we thank of some of the dear ones at Ramsey who were so very ill, their body filled with cancer and how we tried to comfort them as they went to their eternal home. I also remember several other disasters that we were able to help with.


It made Mrs. Roskamp and me very happy that we could bring love and comfort to many people at Ramsey.


Rev. Arend Roskamp