Reverend Dennis Redeker

Served: 1992-2009 


image of Rev. Redeker and his wife

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Reflections on my time at Ramsey:


I am thankful for my time at Ramsey. When I came to Ramsey, I felt a real love from the people of Ramsey, and when I left it was hard because of all the friendships I had made during my time there. The people of Ramsey are special people, and I was honored to be their pastor. There were times of frustration, sometimes ministry was difficult, but I really enjoyed my time there.


As I think back, I remember the good times when we had weddings and baptisms. I remember the many times we were blessed as we worshipped our Great God. I remember too many visits to families who had experienced the death of a loved one, and the funerals that took place. During those times of loss, I also saw the love of Jesus ministering to the needs of the families, and that came through the lives of the people of Ramsey. I really appreciated the desire on the hearts of the people for missions. We had great Mission Fests, and this church really gave to the mission projects of the Reformed Church and various other mission projects. What a great blessing this is to God's Kingdom!


I also remember some of the tough winters in Titonka. One year we had many cancelled services, and the snow was so deep we had walls of snow on each side of the walk to the front doors. Thankfully that didn't happen too often, and even though the weather was a problem at times, God was good to the people of Titonka. As I think about my time there I cannot remember a crop failure. I do know that the farmers struggled because of the weather, but God was gracious, and blessed us through His gifts of rain, sun and warmth.


One of the things that I struggled with was watching the congregation getting older and smaller. When I think back at the number of young people that were there when I came, and having very few when I left, I felt sad in many ways. I know that was a result of the times rural areas are facing, but it was tough to watch so many older members dying, and the young people leaving after high school. However, I believe our youth left with a strong foundation in their faith and they continue to serve Jesus where they are now living.


I was thankful for the plans that were made to help the older members and those with physical difficulties as we made the handicapped drive and parking (and shortly after I left when the elevator was installed).


May God continue to bless and guide the dear people of Ramsey as you serve Him in Titonka.

Rev. Dennis Redeker