Reverend Jacob Huenemann

Served: 1893-1898 image of Rev Huenenmann


On the 29th day of May, 1893, at a special congregational meeting, the Reverend Jacob Huenemann was extended a call, which he accepted. The Rev. Huenemann was born in Werthausen, Germany, on the 22nd day of May, in 1867. As so many of his fellow countrymen did, he immigrated to this country. He received his secondary education at the Mission House College of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and graduated from the seminary department of the same institution in 1890. He was licensed and ordained by the Reformed Church in the United States. He served in that denomination in a small church at La Crosse, Wisconsin. After three years, he received a call from the Ramsey Church, which he accepted.


He served in this church as pastor from 1893 until 1898. His service as a shepherd was very diligently done. However, because of some of his teachings, trouble arose in the church. Since his beliefs did not coincide with those of the Reformed Church, he was suspended from active ministry in the denomination, by a special session of the Classis of Pleasant Prairie.


Shortly after this occurred, he was called to an Independent Congregation at Menno, South Dakota, where he served two years. His health had been impaired by his experiences and on April 30, 1901, he died. His widow then moved to Garner, Iowa with her son, on a farm about one-half mile south of the Reformed church near that town.