image of the first church buildt in 1884-85

The town of Ramsey is nothing more than a faint memory, a forgotten cemetery on the side of a hill that no one seems to know or care about anymore. But it is from this “forgotten” place that the Ramsey Reformed Church had its beginnings and received its name. From as early as 1877 church services were held in the Ramsey store under the leadership of Presbyterian minister, Rev. Jacob Liesvold.

By 1882 members of the church group felt it was more important to have a permanent structure built in a centrally located area that was easily accessible to more of the people. The decision was made to break away from the Presbyterian Church and to form a new church in German Township. After many discussions and meetings, Mr. Michaelson donated five acres in Section 15 of German Township in which to build a church. Since these Eastfriesian people were a very poor group, it was decided to solicit funds. With the money they collected, they were able to build both a church and a parsonage.

Ramsey Church and Parsonage in 1911

On May 6, 1886, with forty-one members and nineteen supporting families, the Ramsey Reformed Church was officially accepted into the denomination of the Reformed Church in America. Their first minister was Rev. Daniel Schaefer. 

The Ramsey Reformed Church continues to be strong in its emphasis on spiritual education, missionary outreach and dedication to the Word of God.

Taken from “The Whistle Blows at Noon” Centennial History of Titonka.



Past Ramsey Reformed Church Ministers:


Rev. David Schaefer & Family

The first minister of the Ramsey church, after that church had joined


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Rev. Jacob Hueneman

On the 29th day of May, 1893, at a special congregational meeting,


To

Rev. W. T. Janssen & Family

On the fifth day of April, 1899, at a special meeting of the congregation, Reverend


To

Rev. & Mrs. G. Haken

After the Rev. Janssen had left the Ramsey church, at a congregational


To

Rev. & Mrs. Calvin Schnucker

Who would have dared to suggest in 1936 when we celebrated the 50th year,


To

Rev. & Mrs. Frank Schnuttjer

Perhaps the most memorable event was the fact that World War II was in


To

Rev. & Mrs. Arend Roskamp

When Ramsey called me to be their pastor we accepted the call with great


To

Rev. & Mrs. William Kroon

...Moving to Ramsey was a day to remember. It was a very hot day and we


To

Rev. & Mrs. John Janssen

One does not know just where to start and also just when to end. We arrived on


To

Rev. Larry TenHaken & Family

How quickly the time passes as it seems a few years ago that we were there


To

Rev. &<br />
 Mrs. Dennis Redeker

I am thankful for my time at Ramsey. When I came to Ramsey, I felt a real love

To

Pastor Perry &
 Joyce DeGroot

One of the special memories of my ministry here will be the

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