Pastor Perry & Joyce DeGroot

Served: 2010-2016


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Reflections on my time at Ramsey:


One of the special memories of my ministry here will be the opportunity that I had to lead the 125th anniversary celebration of the congregation in June of 2011. Also, there was always the God given pleasure of watching the wonder of the sun rises and the sunsets on the wide open prairie. Joyce and I definitely appreciated the rich soil of Kossuth County with our garden and the multiple flower beds that we created and tended. Christmas Eve celebrations of Jesus' birth with the festively, decorated sanctuary were also special times.

We are also thankful that Joyce and I had the opportunities to teach the children and teenagers with the Catechism and Sunday School classes. Our grandchildren loved coming here to enjoy the open spaces for riding bicycles around the horse shoe drive way. I am thankful in the closing years of my active pastoral ministry that I had the opportunity to preach and teach, sharing the Word of the Lord with the members of Ramsey Church in worship and Adult Studies, with the community VBS, in ecumenical services and the care centers of the area.

Thanks Be to God our Heavenly Father, for by His Grace, I believe that Ramsey Reformed Church has bloomed and blossomed in the prairie once again. We pray that Ramsey Church will continue to do so as they look into the future as led by the Lord Jesus Christ, according to the Holy Scriptures by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Perry DeGroot