February 2014

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The Search for Spirituality

                How can a person know God?


It is the longing of every human heart. It is the hunger of every living soul. It is the search of every mind. There is a vacuum or emptiness in the life of every human being that needs to be addressed or filled from a spiritual perspective.


People are searching and going down many roads and in many different places looking to fill that cavity inside of them. There are some people who think that fame or a small fortune will meet the need. Then there are others who seek the fulfillment of that need through popularity, the pursuit of pleasure or the attainment of power and position.


There are still others, who are searching more deeply, therefore they get involved unfortunately in cults, channeling, spiritism, astrology, etc. trying to meet that spiritual need. As a result they are led even further astray from the road that leads to the way, the truth and the life.


The fulfillment of this need is pursued by teenagers through gangs, doing drugs or drinking alcohol with their peers. The search is done by adults and teenagers alike through the purchase of possessions, what money can buy or the pleasure and acceptance experienced through unacceptable sexual behavior.


Then there are some who are searching in a more positive way through pursuits of education in the fields of music, philosophy, medical science, behavioral science, physical sciences, etc. But even these pursuits ultimately end in frustration or meaninglessness. There are people who think that if they could get this job or work in a particular occupation, then they would know and experience fulfillment, meaning and satisfaction.


But in all the searches, young people and adults come away even more empty, confused, frus-trated and even angry. And then those emotions and feelings, often lead to drug abuse, alcoholism, physical abuse and even suicide. Where can they go? Who will help them?


Even when a person knows the truth and has experienced the answer in God; oh, how quickly the enemy of our lives, namely the evil one, the devil, Satan will try to distract us and tempt us to follow old habits and old thinking, seeking to rob us of fulfillment, peace, joy and hope in Jesus Christ. Then it is so vital that we admit our need, repent or turn back to the Lord with all our heart, with our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength.


Jesus described this search as a hunger and a thirst. He may also have been talking about this in Mat 13:45-46 NIV, “the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.” This hunger, this thirst, or this search is satisfied or filled only when we know God and His love through repentance and then faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Then there is the challenge of steadfastly following Him and trusting in His will and His ways.


It is our selfishness, our sin, our independent attitude causing us to try experience life without God that causes the emptiness, the meaninglessness, the dryness of the soul. Our hunger and thirst for life can only be found in knowing God. In Jesus Christ, we can know God. In John 14:6 NIV we read where Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) except through me.”


It was a dark and stormy night; a child was lost in the streets of a large city. A policeman found him crying in distress, and gathering enough from the boy's story was able to locate the home and gave him directions. “Just go down this street half a mile, turn and cross the iron bridge, then turn to your right and follow the river down a little way, and you'll see where you are.”


The poor child, only half comprehending, chilled and bewildered by the storm, turn about blindly, when another person came along and spoke in a kindly tone,“ Just come with me.” The boy's hand was clasped in a stronger one, the corner of a warm coat was thrown over the shoulder of the shivering child, and the way home was made easy. The first man had told the way; the second man became the way.


This exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ is for us. From eternity He has told us that He is the Way. He has to become our Light also, to lead us to the Way.


The search for the spiritual need of our lives finds it thirst satisfied only in the water of life, who is Jesus Christ.




Striving to Serve in Honesty & Humbleness!

— Pastor Perry DeGroot