August 2011

flower imageeRamsey Reformed Churchline

Saying "Blooming in the Prairie by the Grace of God Once Again!"

Corn, Corn and More Corn!


Corn, corn, corn, that is how some people describe the state of Iowa. This scene of corn everywhere is often boring to new residents or those who travel through the state. Quite recently while traveling across eastern Nebraska I saw many acres of corn there as well. And yet I have found that there are spiritual lessons that can be learned in a person’s faith relationship with God and relationships with each other in the life and ministry of the body of Christ.


While driving during the summer time I am captivated by the beauty of the corn fields. For me there is a magnificence regarding the orderliness and symmetry of the corn rows. Then as the corn grows and the rows are filled in; it becomes a sea of dark green as the wind rustles and moves the plants like the waves on the ocean. I am reminded of the creative and sustaining work of God as Master Designer. He has made the earth, the soil, the sun; He sends the rain according to His plan and purpose. By God’s grace a farmer plants, tills and harvests the crops.


May we learn to thank the Lord for all that He alone provides! May we trust in Him and Him alone for sending the rain and the sunshine! Isn't the Lord our God, the Creator and Sustainer of nature, the Author of love and eternal life, the Savior from our sins in Jesus Christ magnificent and wonderful?


Let me pick up another thought about the corn as it struck me in relationship to the body of Christ. A single corn stalk by itself is susceptible. By itself it is more prone to the damaging effects of wind. However, in a whole field the other corn plants break the wind for the other stalks. In the church through faithful worship, Bible studies, prayer groups, fellowship opportunities and friendships, we can break the destructive winds of life as we share and pray for each other. In a corn field it is always interesting to see how the wind also blows the pollen around in the fertilization of the plant to produce the ear. In a similar way, Christians need each other to encourage and stimulate one another toward continued growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, resulting in the gifts, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the harvest of righteousness (right living—that which pleases the Lord).


As the corn plants grow, the ground is shaded, thus deterring the evaporation of the moisture, resulting in stimulated growth and nourishment. The same is true once again for the fellowship of believers. We need to intercede and help each other in prayer, seeking the Lord’s protection. We need to nurture and motivate each other in the sharing of Jesus Christ and His Word; He is the true, living water of life.


There is also individual responsibility and accountability. The corn plant is created by God so its leaves collect and funnel the water down to the base of the plant; likewise, we as individual Christians need to make it the commitment of our lives to saturate our hearts and minds with the Word of the Lord. We need to make ourselves available to preaching, teaching, study, meditation and obedience of the Word of the Lord (the Bible), seeking to live daily according to His will and ways. Then and only then, can we gather together with others from week to week in Sunday morning worship, small group Bible studies and prayer times, youth fellowship, and individual friendships to break the wind, shade and help each other just as God created the rows and fields of corn to do.


These are some of my musings and meditations about mile after mile, acre and acre of corn fields. Maybe there are some thoughts you may have as you let God teach you in the daily things of life as you seek to grow in the grace, knowledge and love of the Lord.


Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is like, ’A farmer, who went out to

sow his seed...He who has ears, let him hear.‘" Matthew 13:3-9

Pastor Perry DeGroot