Silverwolf German Shepherds


Rinny Von Wolfstein 2001 Black and tan Rinny shows off the intelligence of this wonderful breed.   Kind and loving, as well as knowing when to be protective.  She is one of the most playful dogs you will ever meet! She is OFA certified free of hip and elbow displaysia.  Rinny has been spayed, and will spend the rest of her life as our family friend.

Rest in peace Rinny We will always love and miss you!!!!    

                                                                                        King Vinni Hercules (Sbl)

                                                        King Heinrich Von Zimmerman (Sbl)

                                                                                        Senecahaus Jayde V.D. Jennings (Blk & Rd)

                            Zeus Von Zimmerman (Blk & Tan)

                                                                                        Dellingers Silas (Blk & Rd)

                                                        Zada Von Der Senehaus (Blk)

                                                                                        Senecahuas Zada Stardust (Blk)

 Rinny Von Wolfstein (Blk & Tn)

                                                                                        Gebhardt's Wolf Von Hemmel (Blk & Slvr)

                                                          Bollo Von Wolf of Wardes (Blk & Tn)

                                                                                        Partin's Dutchess (Blk & Slvr)

                            Derby's Megan of Von Wolf (Blk & Slvr)

                                                                                        Samm Malone-Hammes (Blk & Slvr)

                                                          Jessi IV (Blk)

                                                                                        Joyce's Royal Duchess (Blk & Tn)





Rinny at 1 year                                                                    Rinny at 2 years, 2 months





Rinny's sire Zues Von Zimmerman    



Rolf Von Silverwolf 9/16/2014 (Jackson Von Schweitzer X Beautix Vom Hazak)  Red and black male  Rolf is pure German pedigree.  Super friendly, but very protective.




Dutchess Vom Silverwolf  (2/19/2011) Black and tan.  Dutchy is pure German in pedigree.  Sweet natured yet protective, she reminds me alot of Rinny when she was younger.   This photo was taken shortly after we got her, and she needed to put on some weight, and will also have more time around people to get her more socialized.  She's doing much better now, and we will get some new photos up as soon as possible.

                                                                                    Larus Von Batu

                                                        Voltan Vom Gletschertopf

                                                                                    Penta Vom Gletschertopf

                        Beattys Ulysess Vom Volton

                                                                                    Yasko Vom Farbenspiel

                                                        Hally Vom Haus Ka-re

                                                                                    Amie Vom Haus Ka-re

Dutchess Von Silverwolf

                                                                                    Mambo Vom Thuringer-weg

                                                        Dante Vom Jensen Mambobeatty

                                                                                    Ezra Vom Fleischerheim

                        Beattys Ezra Vom Mambo Shaq

                                                                                    Beatty Kovu of Streicher

                                                        Beattys Shaquell of Kovo

                                                                                    Greener Pastures Sabres Lady












Some of the puppies with a 'foster child'!!!  The kitten and one of her litter mates lived with Rinny and the puppies after the mother was killed.  Rinny is one that will adopt any baby!!











To get here, go north out of Bloomfield (Or south from Ottumwa) turn east at  Word of Life Church.  You will be on a blacktop road now.  Follow it east.  When it ends, go straight onto the gravel road.  Follow it, only turning as the road curves.  When it curves to the north, our house sits on the  next curve.  Address is 26554 195th St.






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