Miscellaneous For Sale and Wanted

I'm always looking for things, and have things besides the horses for sale, so I figured I put in a Miscellaneous page.  If you have anything available that I'm looking for, we might be able to do a trade!  And if you have something that I don't have listed, go ahead and make an offer.  If I think it would be handy, we'll see what we can do!!


These are things that I'm looking to trade sale horses for only-not to just buy outright.

NEED KENNEL EQUIPMENT!  Kennel panels and doghouses.

At least 3-4 , but would prefer 5 plus horse gooseneck trailer with dressing room or camper.  I would love to trade my trailer, and some horses for the right trailer.

Jersey cow or heifer. Must be gentle!  Will also consider other breeds of dairy cattle, and possibly beef breeds.

Purebred Arabian Sabino or Sabino carriers.  Mares needed only. Prefer black or bay, but will consider all colors except grey.

Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa mares, of Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah strain, all colors except grey.



For Sale:  Lots of Cottonwood Lumber, Rough cut 2 X's


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