Plants of the Rocks
Plants of the Rocks is a small nursery located a 14012 Highway 136, Onslow, Iowa 52321.
Most sales take place at the Dubuque farmers' market, which convenes on Saturday mornings May through October, 7 to noon.
Plants of the rocks began as a supplier primarily of rock garden plants, but over recent years the emphasis has shifted to garden vegetables and herbs...a rich selection of tomato and pepper varieties are the feature attraction these days, along with herbs and other vegetables. I do still have some of the rock garden plants, but the selection is slowly dwindlling as more and more of my time goes into the vegetable and herb plants...for the simple reason that they have proven to be much more popular than the rock plants. Certainly they bring in more income.
The link below will load an Adobe Acrobat document listing most of my vegetable varieties:

Vegetable List 2011