Sarge, Sparky, Bunny, Stevie

From Left to Right - Sarge, Sparky, Bunny, Stevie

SparkySparky Oh my! What a lovely picture. I must do something about this. However, for now I will leave it here. If you like you like you may print this picture, hang it on your wall and throw darts at it. That is about all it is good for. My name is Peggy - AKA Sparky - The Webmaster.

Please now let me introduce you to Sue - AKA Bunny. Someone had really bad penmanship when signing us up for a tournament. When teams were announced her last name got tranformed into "Bunny". Needless to say this nickname is not acceptable to her, however it seems to work out quite well for everyone else involved. BunnyBunny

StevieStevie Our next player is Linda - AKA - Stevie. We really should find a new nickname for her since she did have eye surgery and can actually see the ball after it is hit. Especially after it travels more than 10 foot. (just kidding Stevie, with those new clubs you will shave 10 strokes from your game)

And last but not least let me introduce Twila - AKA - Sarge. I'll bet you can't guess how she got that name. She tries to keep us all in line but most of the time it is a losing battle. SargeSarge

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Last updated January 14, 1999