Interior Before interior before Here are a couple shots of the stripped out shell.

Bus Top   Bus Top
Bus Top I used Stayfast cloth convertible top material over closed cell foam for the roof.  I had to fabricate and install the top before I could begin on the interior panels due to the way everything is fastened together.  This body was like a giant puzzle.  Everything had to be put together in a certain order.  

Fitting the interior roof Fitting roof interior The interior of the exterior panels was coated with a ceramic coating to help with sound and insulation.  A layer of aluminum backed insulation was then also added. The original interior steel roof and side panels were used as a base for the fabric. I cut the roof panels and fabricated an abs center panel on the roof to allow access to wiring that runs down the center of the roof.  Abs plastic was also used for the trim pieces.    

interior pic interior pics 

 interior pics Once fitted, the interior panels and trim were removed and covered with closed cell foam.  They were then covered with a tweed fabric and reinstalled.

carpet  I then covered the floor with black carpeting.

DVD console Drink Console I ran consoles down each side of the bus.  They contain drink holders, DVD player, a drink dispenser, and give me access to wiring.

Rear overhead console  The rear overhead consoles house a set of Kenwood component speakers and the original "STOP" lights that were on the rear of the bus.

drivers console overhead console  The driver's console has the heat and air conditioning controls, light switch, electric door switch, and toggles for the aux. battery and interior lighting.  The overhead console houses the rear view camera, stereo head unit, and speakers.

interior seating captians chair  I recovered the captain chairs and sofa/bed from a conversion van to match the interior panels.

dash  And finally, I customized the dash and installed VDO gauges.

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