The Bus Chassis

I started with the 84 P30 chassis. I will retain the frame, fuel tank, front and rear suspensions, and rear axle. I replaced the rear spring hangers and shackles to lower it several inches.  The front coils springs and spindles were replaced with lowered ones from Bell Tech. I stripped the body and cleaned the frame. I covered the frame with POR-15 and painted it Chassis Black.

I installed a Cadillac 500 c.i.d. engine. It has been rebuilt and slightly warmed over with a Cad Company cam, oil pump, timing gears, etc. It is backed by a rebuilt Turbo 400 with an Allison torque converter. The engine had to be moved rearward in the frame approx. 11" which obviously meant I had to have the driveshaft shortened. I also had to run a remote oil filter due to clearance problems with the crossmember.  I also changed the rear gear ratio to a 3.42.

This picture shows how the body will look when it is shortened a window section. This photo was taken on the original frame.

These shots give an idea of how the 1940 body will look on the 1984 chassis.   


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