1940 Chevrolet School Bus Custom Woody/Hot Rod/Street Rod  
finished bus
2008 -  On The Road (FINALLY!!)

2003 side view2003 bus body   (2003)  Here is the mock up of the complete shortened Wayne body on the new chassis.   Each front fender will have to be widened 3"  due to the wider track of the '84 chassis.

Body with paint stripped Body with paint stripped
Surf Board (2004) The beginnings of the body work, stripping the layers of old paint.   The surfboard was made by Dextra in the 60's, just under 10' long.

New Metal New Metal
New Metal (Late 2004)  Metal work is pretty much finished.  The rust has been replaced with new metal.  The rear side window has been redesigned for a tighter fit and a slider.  The rear door has been completely reworked and the back window openings have been reshaped.  I created pinch welded seams for the back glass to remove the gap between the inner and outer body panels the was the original body design.

Paiint paint
paint paint/engine  (June 2006)  I finally got the modifications to the body smoothed enough for the Sherwin Williams 7000 series dark cherry paint.   The tail/brake lights and turn lights are "stop warning" lights from the front of a vintage school bus.  Two have red glass lenses and the other two have amber lenses.  All four lenses are imprinted with the word "STOP".   The engine is a Cadillac 500.

side trim side trim (2006)  Here I am fitting the wood for the sides.  I used a marine grade hardwood called Okume.

wood wood
wood bus trim   I used a clear spar varnish for the wood.  The trim is the original bump guard from the Wayne body.  I color matched the center portion and wood grained the raised portions.  I used stainless pan bolts where ever the bolt heads would show.

Top  top
top  top  (2007) Getting close.  The top is on!  I still need to have the grill plated, cut and install glass, add weatherstripping,  and have the exhaust installed and add the roof rack and surf board to finish the exterior.  At this point, there is still no interior.

Before front

before rear 
rear finished
dash before dash after   
The finished project.  After countless hours and more dollars than I care to admit to,  I believe the results are worth the effort.  I am proud of the fact that I did all the work myself.  The only things I hired out were the engine/transmission rebuilds and the exhaust work.  Everything else, from design, to fabrication, to body and paint, to upholstery, to assembly, was done by myself with limited resources.   

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