This is where it all started.

Here is my biggest project, a 1940 Chevrolet School bus.

I acquired this vehicle at a farm auction. It is a former Redfield, Iowa school bus. I wasn't really looking for a bus, but I didn't want to see it go to the crusher for scrap iron. I have since decided to "hot rod" the old girl. It had been converted into a camper prior to 1959.(It still had 1959 plates on it) The "conversion" included a full size refrigerator, a cast iron sink, twin bed, an early chemical toilet, shelving built from full 1" plywood, and tile flooring. The body was manufactured by Wayneworks of Richmond, Indiana. (Serial #27438) The drivetrain was original. The engine does run and I was able to drive it around the yard, even though it had flat tires and no brakes.

My plans for it include replacing the original chassis with a 1984 P30 chassis. I intend to lower it a few inches. I also plan to shorten the body about 33" thus removing one window section. The front fenders will probably have to be widened to accept the new chassis. On the interior I plan to install captain chairs and a sofa/bed from a conversion van. I plan to add a gas/ac/dc refrigerator. I also would like to add a few other items, if I have enough room for them. The idea is to have a vehicle that is dependable enough for cross country trips and roomy enough that the kids can move around, sleep or watch videos.

"YOU MIGHT BE A DORK IF......."(maybe, but it is the only one on the block!)

This is the "donor" vehicle. I plan to use the drive line and chassis, as well as some misc. switches, wiring circuits, and maybe even a heater or two. It also gives the neighbors something to "talk" about.

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