Home and Family

This is where we share some photos of our home and our family. 
Silly stuff, works of art, family events
and whatever else we can think of...

Charlie gives a bath
to Fluffernut.
Chi-Chi and Salsa sleeping under
the spinning wheel.
Ben begging some ice cream

    Some Fiber Projects:

This is a mohair and shetland
sock I made for Rachael.
This is the point (lowest end) of a
  shawl I made for myself.
 This is a small triloom I made, and the first piece
I made with it.I am still experimenting with
this type of loom, but I have
purchased the materials to make a full sized triloom.

Here are two photos of Tatertot.
She is sleeping on a black lamb's fleece.
The top picture looks like she is hissing,
 but it's actually a yawn.
Ben and Tigger taking a nap together. This photo makes Ben look like
a very small puppy. For scale, the blue pillow on the floor with them
is 24" on each side.
                                     Tigger is a *big* cat.  

More Projects:

A fair isle hat I knit using hand-
spun mohair (white) and com-
mercial mohair blend yarns. I dyed
the blue green and red over grey.
Knit from a free pattern on
Gates of the Mountains Shetland
Sideways knit gloves in hand-spun
Romney yarn, Dyed in the skein
with Country Classic dyes. Pattern
from the Winter 2002 issue of
Drum carded bats of white lambs wool,
dyed before carding in the left over
dye of the yarn used in the hat at the left.

I had violet too, but Ben decorated the
yard with it!

Mid-winter foolishness!

Taking lessons from
Tim Conway...
Snow Forts---the best part of winter!
Q: How silly can you get with stockings on
your head?            A:  very.

The Making of a Garden Pond:
or how to irritate your family while gathering oooohs and aaaaaahs from your friends and visitors...

(still looking
for this
The hole gets dug.  Slowly, mostly
by hand.The answer to "Who dug the
most?" depends on who you ask!
Old innertubes from tractor tires
cushion the pool liner from rocks
and roots. Tatertot supervises.
The finished pond.
It still needs some growing time
but shows great promise.