Land of Oz Photography
Price List
Booking Fees:
*Local On Site Photography                $25.00
Distant Site Photography                      $.30/mile round trip

*local/distant arrangements on a case by case basis, generally 30 miles one way is "local". Inquire about group rates. Booking fee applies to each individual. (Groups of foals, litters of pups or kits, and other "groups" count as one booking fee)

Color Photography for your approval
12 frames                                            $15.00
24 frames                                            $25.00
36 frames                                            $30.00

Print/Enlargement Charges
3 1/2 x 5 inch proof                            $ 3.00
5 x 7 inch                                           $15.00
8 x 10 inch                                         $18.00

Choose any location, your home or farm, local park, our farm, or any other suitable place. (If using private property not your own, or a publicly owned park you must get permission first.) Total fees are subject to individual arrangement. Bartering for services or product is done occasionally. 

Other services available on request, including but not limited to; black and white photography, show groups, barn groups, and other outdoor subjects (like barns, scenery or construction sites). Digital photography is now available for limited events! Outdoor weddings and other event assignments are considered on a case by case basis--please email.

Land of Oz Photography is located in Radcliffe, Iowa. Just 8 miles east of I-35 and one mile north of Highway 175. We are approximately 75 miles from Des Moines, 30 miles from Ames and 60 miles from Mason City.

Any animal you consider worthy of your time, is worthy of quality photographs.
Some of the species photographed for Land of Oz clients are:
Horses, Llamas, Emu, Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Ferrets, Chickens, and Rabbits

Land of Oz Photography
13435 260th Street
Radcliffe, Iowa  50230
(515) 899-7813

All photographs on these web pages are copyrighted photographs owned by Land of Oz Photography. 
Copying of these images without prior written permission is prohibited by International Copyright Law and is punishable by law. 
For information on purchasing your own copy of any of the featured photographs, or to obtain permission for limited use of copyrighted images contact us well in advance of intended use at Land of Oz.

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