Gordon Setters

We started out with 2 elderly dogs who had been retired from breeding. They showed Mark the joy of hunting with Gordon Setters. Jeb and Suzy were with us for about 4 years when old age sent them to the bridge within a few months of each other.

Next came Jack. Sadly, he was with us for only a short time, but his trainability and enthusiasm convinced us that we would begin looking for another setter right away. Jack was a field-bred Gordon Setter who was showing promise as a hunting dog, when organ failure (apparently related to a puppyhood case of parvo) sent him to the bridge.

Jack (July 21,1999 to August 8, 2000) and Mark

After visiting web sites, attending shows and speaking with breeders, we found Charlie, also known as Bannfshire Banner of Glory.

These pictures were taken the first weekend in September, 2000--the day after we brought him home.

Charlie meets the kittens.

We'd like to thank Ron Cross of Moscow, Iowa for letting Charlie come to live with us. We co-own Charlie with Ron, and started entering our first shows in the fall of 2000. Charlie and Mark have been training together and hunting for pheasant and quail.  In 2002, Charlie received his first Q at a Hunt Test and is on his way to a Junior Hunter title (we hope).  Below are two photos of Charlie and Mark on successfull hunting days, the third one is of Charlie's first point in a conformation show.

We'd also like to thank Peggy DaValt of Amethyst Gordons for making contacts on our behalf when she found that Ron might have a dog to suit our needs.

In December, 2002 our very first puppy came home.
Moonsetter Ben Hall Sureshot, otherwise known as Ben.

A wonderful dog with great conformation and a winning personality. His breeders are Heidi and Chuck Moon of Minnnesota. Pedigree and lots of photos can be seen at Moonsetter. The owner of his sire also has lots of photos and information on her web site Sure Shot.  Ben will start his show career in late March, 2003. He may even get to try a hunt test or two this year.

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