2003 Fiber Sales List
       We are experienced, small scale producers of Romney and crossbred sheep, bred for quality handspinning fleece. Living in the Heartland of America gives us the climate, soil and abundance of food that contributes to the unique qualities of our wool.  Our wool is wonderfully suited for sock and sweater knitting, and long-lasting and comfortable woven garments. Hoggett and lamb fleeces are often fine enough for next-to-the-skin garments. Ram fleeces have no objectionable odor and are superb when used for outerwear, boot or clog socks and accessories.  Both the white and colored fleeces are wonderful for dyeing.  Because it's not as fine and greasy as some sheep, the fleeces are easier to clean and prepare for spinning, yet still suited for felting projects. (Certain sheep have fleece with lower felting capacity. If you have wet felting in mind--email for details) We don't use coats on our sheep because it's dangerous for the sheep and better for the fiber quality. We don't have excessive trash  in our fleece and not using coats helps keep the cost reasonable for the budget-conscious spinner. Our fibers are guaranteed. (see below)
Thank you for your interest.   ~~Mark and Denise

2003 Raw Fleece  Breed is Romney unless stated otherwise

NOTE: Fleece weight and details will be updated as shearing progresses (depending on weather)
Please check back or email. Thanks
Animal/sex  Weight/Color Price Per Pound Staple length
Norton                          ram  TBA           grey  $10.00 6 in.
  #22                          ewe
 TBA                    grey   
    #23                         ewe
   TBA            black and white

#10                         ewe  TBA                       white
6 in.
“Lorna”                   ewe TBA                   grey 
5 in.
"Jake"               jacob  ram
4 lbs               white/grey/blk $7.00
2.5 in.
#24                          ewe
 TBA                    white

#21                         ewe
3 lbs         black/brown
2.5 in.
"Marshmallow"    lincoln ewe

8-10 in.

Roving  roving has sold well recently, and stores are low. Please email if you are looking for something in particular. This table will be updated as new roving arrives. Thank you
Llama/wool blend (~50/50)
3 lb         black/dk. grey

Mohair (yearling)
5 lb               white

100% Llama:  All are very silky all contain mod. vm

very fine
few visible guard hairs
4 lb  red/brown  14.00 easily spins fine thread. 
very soft!

Prices DO NOT include shipping charges
Fleece: 1 pound minimum purchase, ½ pound minimum of each selection
Roving: 4 ounce minimum purchase, 4 ounce minimum of each selection

Satisfaction guaranteed, purchase price refunded (not including shipping) if you notify me within 3 days of arrival, and return fiber within 14 days of notification of dissatisfaction.   I want you to be happy with your purchase, but I can not support those who simply change their minds several weeks or months later.  Of course fiber must be returned in the same condition as received.  Altering the fiber in any way voids the guarantee (altering includes but is not limited to: washing, carding, teasing, spinning, dyeing, felting, etc.).

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