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This site may frequently include political items I find interesting, and you might too. If you consider yourself to be a liberal, but are
without an open mind or a willingness to engage in or explore intelligent, fact-based thought and analysis of current events - Do me a favor - don't whine....just leave quietly, and we'll pretend you were never here.

Until I get a few more pages up on this site, enjoy these links to some of my favorite websites.... (Note: I do not necessarily endorse all content of external links. They are offered here as a courtesy and they are from external websites over which I have no control.)

The Drudge Report
Matt Drudge gets the inside scoop before most mainstream media outlets let their reporters out of their cages for the day....Enjoy his site with the link above.

Fair and Balanced News....They report, you decide!

America's #1 conservative voice of Freedom! Take a class at the Limbaugh Institute For Advanced Conservative Studies from the Doctor of Democracy!

America's News Page.

Providing the most relevant up-to-date independent intelligence data acquisition and analysis.


And now for something completely different....

When you're done crusing the news links, sit back and relax with Jimmy and the parrotheads! Margaritaville is just a click away....It's five o'clock somewhere! How's about a cheesebuger in paradise?

From the days of the revolution, to the present....America's military has always been the best trained and best equipped fighting force in the world. They're called upon to fight what others fear....To do the job that needs to be done, and to guarantee that this nation remains free, with liberty and justice for all. Sleep in peace tonight....They've got your back!

September 11th changed our lives forever. The most important thing any President of this country needs to focus on is rooting out the EVIL that revealed itself that day. If our country isn't secure, nothing else will matter. Think back....on September 12th, 2001, do you recall worrying about taxes, jobs, health care, or the fact that France may not like us? After September 11th, everything else now comes 2nd when it comes to priorities. If we're not secure, the economy will sink - If we're not secure, taxes are the last thing anyone will think about - If we're not secure, no one will feel safe enough to see their doctor, much less worry about health care - If we're not secure, what France thinks of us will be the last thing on our minds.

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