(2nd Great-Grandpa)

William was also called Uncle Sumner. He moved to Indiana, from Mercer County Ohio, to high ground in the Limberlost area. Limberlost was a swampy low area, very wet and not drained as it is today. Sumner built a two story log cabin with an outside stairway. He also built all the furniture in the house. Sumner brought the family with him. His wife, Catharine, daughter Mary, and Dennis. Later, Lillie was born in Jay County. Limberlost area includes Geneva, Berne, some in Ceylon, New Corydon, Bryant to the Ohio line to the East. Some of it lies in Adams County and some in Jay.

Oil wells didn't mean a lot to them for they only got $2.50 a barrell and soon the wells dried up.

Sumner's farm and his son's farm just East of his, they had about every fruit tree there ever was. Fruits and vegetables were grown and sold. Made butter from milk, meat from the cows, pigs, chickens, eggs, traded wheat for sacks of flour.

Sumner was a fine Christian man and always wanted to know more about the Bible.

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From Thelma FRANK-Hinshaw
William Sumner was a carpenter before his marriage. He learned the trade from William McDowell his future father-in-law.