(11th Great-Grandpa)

The earliest certain record of the Studebaker family relates to a "Staudtenbecker" born in 1570 in a district now in Germany, called "Remscheid" , located about five miles east of Solingen. Solingen, the old blade-city , known to be the European "home town" of the Studebaker family, is located about 14 miles (30 kilometers) northeast of the Rhine River city of Cologne. From the earliest times this community had been devoted almost entirely to the single trade of ironworking. In the 1960's a an ancient smelter was discovered in a nearby forest, which was estimated to be 2,500 years old. For at least five generations in Germany, the Studebakers followed the metal working trade, and belonged to a guild, in which membership was restricted to certain families and trade secrets, such as forging techniques, tempering or heat treating of cutting tools, carefully guarded. (