(9th Great Grandpa)

Josiah was a Soldier in King Philip's War (for more information on this war, see the page of Timothy Williamson), credited to the town of Woburn, MA on 24 June 1676 under Captain Joseph Syll. He was also a garrison of Chelmsford. He was given an assignment of wages on 24 August 1676 to Woburn Town. He return to Woburn and was a taxpayer there after the War.

After the war he moved to Marshfield, MA where he married Mary and where two of his eight children were born. Benjamin Church, the leader of the Colony Forces in the King Philip's War founded Little Compton, RI; then an outpost of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. Josiah followed his leader there about 1681-2 where many of the family lived till after the Revolution.

SOURCE: "Little Compton Families" by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour; published by Little Compton Historical Society, Little Compton, RI 1967.


Fact 1: November 23, 1694, Bought land in Little Compton
Fact 2: December 23, 1694, Bought land in Little Compton
Fact 3: December 21, 1698, Bought land in Little Compton
Fact 4: 1685, Constable of Little Compton