(6th Great-Grandpa)

John Frank, Sr. was born in Germany about 1743 and settled at Frankfort, where he married Eve Frank and whence he removed to Busti in 1811, where he died Nov. 5, 1833. He with Lawrence, son of Henry Frank, and two girls, Eve & Mary Frank, of the Henry Frank family, were captured in the "old French War" by the French and Indians on the Mowhawk. Taken to Canada as prisoners, they were kept for several years, until they were ransomed. John was again taken prisoner in the Revolutionary War. At Oneida Lake, the first night of his capture, he escaped and reached his home in German Flats. In 1817, Stephen, son of John Frank Sr., with his family and his parents, and his mothers maiden sister, moved down the Ohio river and stopped at Gallipolis, where the father John Frank Sr. died. The others proceeded to Columbus, IN whre the maiden aunt (Margaret) died.