(6th Great-Grandpa)

During the year of 1749, Jacob Grumbach immigrated to America, aboard the ship "Dragon" and arrived in Philadelphia [in the month of September] October 17, 1749.

Jacob was fined by Committee of Observation for failure to report for Militia duty Military Service 1776, Frederick County, Maryland.

From Crubaugh:The American Story by William Leon Crubaugh, 2000. "During the year of 1749, a passenger ship named "The Dragon" sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, stopped at Portsmouth, England, and landed at Philadelphia. Her Master was Daniel Nicholas, and her 244 passengers were Palatines, Wurtembergers, and Alsatians, all from Southern Germany. On September 17 of that year, in accordance with the tradition of the time, the 88 male passengers, who were sixteen years of age or older, were assembled at the Courthouse to swear allegiance to their new country. The oath was administered by Thomas Lawrence, Mayor of Philadelphia. A part of that ceremonial process was the making of a list of the names of the new citizens. (These lists are now referred to as "Ship's Lists.)

"Thereafter, the family name evolved into Grubaugh, Crobaugh, Crumbaugh or Crubaugh."