The Liston's!

I have been researching our family tree to see where the Liston name came from. I have been able to trace it back to EDMON LISTON who was born sometime before 1810, probably in Pennsylvania. I have hit a roadblock with him, and have not been able to find out who his parents were. So I have researched some of my other lines that you can see below. If you have any other information, or know of a discrepancy in my report, please let me know. Please note that this is a work in progress, and it is accurate as far as I know right now. I have concentrated almost exclusively on my bloodline, although I have inserted a couple notes about interesting "uncles." I have gathered most of this information via the internet (,, and other personal sites; and even from some relatives) and have mainly acted as an editor piecing together this information.

This page is done in the form of an "ahnentafel." An Ahnentafel report starts with a specified person, and lists his ancestors. Each person is numbered. The first person is number 1. The number of each father is 2 times the number of his child. The mothers number is 2 times the childs number plus 1. For example, the father of number 16 would be number 32, and the mother would be number 33. He (number 16) would be the great-great-grandfather of number 1. There is a limit of 32 generations on the Ahnentafel report, due to the astronomical size of Ahnentafel numbers past 32 generations.

In each generation below, I have separated Dad's line and Mom's line with a dotted line. Everything within each generation above the dotted line is from Dad's side; everything below the dotted line is from Mom's side.

I have always been interested in history, so I have made a note of each person that has some history with him/her. There may even be some that has a short bio or extra information of interest that you can read by clicking the "bio" next to the name. Following are some veterans and interesting people that we have in our family. I put the relation to me in parenthesis, so depending on your relation to me you may need to make adjustments.

Settler and Stockholder In Massachusetts Bay Colony
Edward Rossiter (11th Great Grandpa)

Colonist in Plymoth
Arthur Howland (11th Great Grandpa)
John Howland (11th Great Uncle) has info in Arthur's bio page

King Philip's War
Timothy Williamson (10th Great Grandpa)
Josiah Closson (9th Great Grandpa)

A French & Indian War victim
Elizabeth Grahm (7th Great Grandma)

Revolutionary War
Joseph Galloway (5th Great Grandpa)
John Denney (7th Great Grandpa)
Timothy Closson (7th Great Grandpa)
John Hendricks (5th Great Grandpa)

Civil War
Elmore Liston (2nd Great Grandpa)
John Closson (4th Great Grandpa)

War of 1812
John Galloway (4th Great Grandpa)
Wilber Downing (5th Great Grandpa)

Indian Fighter
Samuel McDowell (5th Great Grandpa)
Thomas Lighthill (5th Great Grandpa)

Draft Dodger
Jacob Grumbach (6th Great Grandpa)


Ahnentafel Chart for N. LISTON

First Generation

1.N. LISTON was born 10 March 1968 in Salem, Indiana.

N. married E. RODRIGUEZ, daughter of Larry RODRIGUEZ and Emma Jean SHIRA, on 4 August 1990 in Owasso, Oklahoma. E. was born 22 December 1970 in San Marcos, Texas.


Second Generation

2.     G.E. LISTON was born 8 May 1939 in Ashland, Ohio. He married S. BRAUN on 8 August 1959 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

3.     S. BRAUN was born 30 May 1939 in Bryant, Indiana.


Third Generation

4.     G.E. LISTON was born 10 September 1917 in Ashland, Ohio. He died 8 November 1996 in Ashland, Ohio. G. married K. FERGUSON.

5.     K. FERGUSON was born 27 July 1920.


6.     Roman G BRAUN was born 2 December 1911 in St Joseph Ohio. He died 1979 in Indiana. Roman married Thelma FRANK.

7.     Thelma FRANK was born 16 December 1917 in Bryant, Indiana. She died October 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee and was buried in Bryant, Indiana.


Fourth Generation

8.     Daniel LISTON was born 17 January 1879 in McKay, Ashland, Ohio. He died 26 January 1950 and was buried in Bethesda Cemetery, Ashland County, Ohio. Daniel married Anna CARROLL on 16 June 1901.

9.     Anna CARROLL was born 2 June 1883. She died 21 February 1958 in Ashland, Ohio.


10.   Donald DeForrest FERGUSON was born 3 August 1895 in Ashland, Ohio. He was buried in Ashland (Ohio) City Cemetery. Donald married Sarah Gladys HOLL.

11.   Sarah Gladys HOLL was born 13 March 1895.


12.   Joseph BRAUN was born 7 February 1883. He died 1951. Joseph married Rosa DUES.

13.   Rosa DUES was born 7 February 1887 in Philothea, Ohio. She died 20 July 1977 in Rockford, Ohio.


14.   Dennis G. FRANK (bio) was born about 1887 in Mercer County, Ohio. He died about 1957 in Jay County, Indiana. Dennis married Lena Hope KRANER about 1911.

15.   Lena Hope KRANER was born 24 October 1893 in Adams County, Indiana. She died about 1945.


Fifth Generation

16.   Elmore York LISTON (bio) was born 20 June 1836 in Allegheny County Pennsylvania, Pittsburg. He died 2 February 1890 in Hayesville, Ashland County, Ohio and was buried in Bethesda Cemetery, Ashland County, Ohio. Elmore married Mary Laura GRUBAUGH on 22 January 1856 in Hayesville, Ashland County, Ohio.

17.   Mary Laura GRUBAUGH1 was born 24 February 1841 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She died 14 June 1927 in Hayesville, Ashland County, Ohio and was buried in Bethesda or Brimstone Chapel Cemetery.


18.   Albert CARROLL was born 1845 in Vermillion Twp, Ashland, Ohio. He died 1907. Albert married Nancy GALLOWAY.

19.   Nancy GALLOWAY was born 1850. She died 1917.


20.   John FERGUSON (bio) was born 16 January 1855 in Chapmans Farm, Wigtonshire, Scotland. He married Effe Rodelia CLOSSON on 3 June 1891 in Ashland, Ohio.

21.   Effe Rodelia CLOSSON was born 29 June 1871 in Brown Twp, Paulding, Ohio.


22.   Charles HOLL was born 1861. He died 1928. Charles married Damarus WAREHAM.

23.   Damarus WAREHAM was born in 1867 in Ohio. She is the wife of Charles HOLL.


24.   Peter BRAUN was born 30 July 1836 in Lohnweiler Rhineland-Pfalz Germany. He died 26 October 1895 in Recovery Twp, Mercer County, Ohio and was buried in St. Peter Cemetery, St. Peter, Mercer County, Ohio. Peter married Margaret VOLK on 22 January 1866 in St. Peter's Church, St. Peter, Ohio. He was a farmer.

25.   Margaret VOLK was born 24 Mar 1844. She died 3 May 1930. She was the wife of Peter BRAUN.


26.   Bernard DUES was born 18 April 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He died 18 June 1932 in Philothea, Ohio. Bernard married Elizabeth WINDKER on 5 November 1881.

27.   Elizabeth WINDKER was born 2 March 1862. She died 10 January 1942. She was the wife of Bernard DUES.


28.   William Sumner FRANK (bio) was born 1862. He died 1937. William married Catherine Fidela MCDOWELL on 15 April 1883 in Mercer County, Ohio.

29.   Catherine Fidela MCDOWELL was born 14 February 1866. She died 1947. She was the wife of William Sumner FRANK. (From Thelma FRANK-Hinshaw): Catherine McDowell Frank was an orderly person who kept her work on th farm caught up. Sumner became a farmer once he moved to Indiana. Catherine made beautiful quilts and rag rugs in her spare time.


30.   John Oliver KRANER was born 28 October 1849 in Hancock County, Ohio. He died 15 March 1931 in Adams County, Indiana. John married Maria Almira MACKLIN on 11 April 1869.

31.   Maria Almira MACKLIN was born 20 May 1850 in Jay County, Indiana. She died 1 August 1908 in Geneva, Jay County, Indiana. She was the wife of John Oliver KRANER.


Sixth Generation

32.   Edmon LISTON was born before 1810 in Allegheny County, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He married Nancy UNKNOWN.

33.   Nancy UNKNOWN was born before 1814 in Pennsylvania. She was the wife of Edmon LISTON.


34.   David GRUBAUGH was born 1795 in Mohentango, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 1845. David married Elizabeth BLACK in 1828 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

35.   Elizabeth BLACK (bio) was born 12 February 1812 in Allegheny County, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She died 20 January 1907 in Hayesville, Ashland County, Ohio and was buried in Salem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery.


38.   William G GALLOWAY (bio) was born 3 November 1815 in Juanita County, Pennsylvania. He died 22 August 1880 in Vermillion, Ashland County, Ohio, and was buried in Hayesville, Bethesda Chapel, Ashland, Ohio. William married Ann BRADLEY on May 1842 in Ashland, OH.

39.   Ann BRADLEY (bio) was born 3 July 1821 in Maine. She died 3 December 1877 and was buried 5 December 1877 in Bethesda Cemetery, Ashland County, Ohio.


40. John FERGUSON was born about 1820 in Kirkinner, Wigtown, Scotland. He died in Scotland. John married Geraldine HAWTHORNE BRADSHAW.

41.Geraldine HAWTHORNE BRADSHAW was born about 1824 in Kirkinner, Wigtown, Scotland. She died in Scotland.


42.   Josiah M. CLOSSON was born 22 February 1844. He died 19 October 1926 and was buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Oakwood, Ohio. Josiah married Aunice Catherine LIGHTHILL on 1 November 1866.

43.   Aunice Catherine LIGHTHILL was born 1 May 1845. She died 16 March 1882 and was buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Oakwood, Ohio.


44.   Lewis HOLL married Mary PHINNEY.

45.   Mary PHINNEY was the wife of Lewis HOLL..


46.   Theodore J. WAREHAM was born in 1840 in Ohio. He married Hannah BURKEY on 23 March 1865 in Franklin County, Ohio (have photo-copy of marriage certificate on file).

47.   Hannah BURKEY was born in 1844 in Ohio.


48.   Jacob Mathias BRAUN was born 24 August 1787 in Offenbach Am Glen Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. He died January 1858 in Lohn Rhineland-Pfalz Germany. Jacob married Elizabeth Dorothy ANTONI on 19 January 1809 in Offenbach Am Glen Rheinland-Pfalz Germany.

49.   Elizabeth Dorothy ANTONI was born 30 June 1790 in Lohnweiler Rhineland-Pfalz Germany. She died 21 October 1856 in Lohnweiler Rhineland-Pfalz Germany.


52.   George H. DUES was born 1821 in Westphalen, Prussia, Germany. He died in 1900. George married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. George immigrated in 1843 and came to Cincinnati, Ohio, via New York. He moved in 1858 to Mercer County, Ohio.

53.   Elizabeth UNKNOWN was born 1828 and was the wife of George H. DUES.


54.   Henry WINDKER married Gertrude LENNARTZ in 1861.

55.   Gertrude LENNARTZ was born 3 May 1838 in Germany. She died 4 May 1908 in Philothea, Mercer County, Ohio. She was the wife of Henry WINDKER.


56.   Dennis C. FRANK was born 14 September 1834 in Ohio. He died 30 June 1917 in Delaware, Indiana. Dennis married Rachel Jane MILLER on 4 December 1856 in Coldwater, Mercer Ohio.

57.   Rachel Jane MILLER was born 7 December 1835 in Ohio. She died 14 September 1892.


58.   William MCDOWELL was born 7 April 1841 in or near Ft. Recovery, Ohio. He died 20 July 1909 in or near Hesperia, Michigan. William married Mary S. DENNEY on 23 March 1865.

59.   Mary S. DENNEY was born 28 October 1844 in Jay County, Indiana. She died 25 February 1883.


60.   Michael N. KRANER married Mary Catherine MINEHART.

61.   Mary Catherine MINEHART was the wife of Michael N. KRANER.


62.   Phillip MACKLIN was born 18 December 1827 in Fairfield County, Ohio. He died 30 October 1898 in Jay County, Indiana and was buried in Daugherty Cemetery, Jay County, Indian. Phillip married Mahala COLE on 7 April 1850.

63.   Mahala COLE was born 15 December 1831 in Fairfield County, Ohio. She died 30 October 1893 in Jay County, Indiana, and was buried in Daugherty Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.


Seventh Generation

68.   George GRUBAUGH was born 1770 in Toboyne Twp., Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 1818 in Saline, Jefferson County, Ohio. George married Susanna FAUST on 1788 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

69.   Susanna FAUST was born 1772 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died 1804 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.


70.   Samuel BLACK married UNKNOWN, and was the dad of Elizabeth BLACK.


76.   John GALLOWAY (bio) was born 6 July 1791 in Shirley Twp, Huntington County, Pennsylvania. He died 28 November 1855 in Vermillion, Ashland County, Ohio, and was buried in Bethesda Chapel, Ashland County, Ohio. John married Jane HUMPHREY on 3 January 1815 in Long Hollow, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

77.   Jane HUMPHREY was born 2 Nov 1794 in Wayne Twp, Miflin County, Pennsylvania. She died 21 January 1876 in Vermillion, Ashland County, Ohio and was buried in Bethesda Chapel, Ashland County, Ohio.


78.   John BRADLEY married UNKNOWN and is the dad of Ann Bradley. He died 1827 in Delaware.


84.   John CLOSSON was born 13 December 1808. He married UNKNOWN and was the dad of Josiah Closson. John served with Company E of the 31st Ohio Infantry during the Civil War. He joined as a Private, and was discharged as a Private.


86.   George LIGHTHILL (bio) was born 7 May 1795 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He died 14 Sep 1858 in Oakwood, Ohio and was buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Oakwood, Ohio. George married Jemima HENDRICKS on 10 September 1819.

87.   Jemima HENDRICKS (bio) was born 14 March 1801 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. She died 8 July 1873 in Oakwood, Ohio and was buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Oakwood, Ohio.


96.   George Anthony BRAUN was born about 1767. He married Catharina UNKNOWN about 1786.

97.   Catharina UNKNOWN was born about 1767. She was the wife of George Anthony BRAUN.


98.   Henry ANTONI was born about 1767. He married Christina SCHOTT on 22 April 1777 in Lauterecken Rheinland-Pfalz Germany.

99.   Christina SCHOTT was born about 1759. She was the wife of Henry ANTONI.


112. Stephen C FRANK (bio) was born 18 March 1806 in Columbia, Herkimer, New York. He died 1851 in Coldwater, Mercer Ohio. Stephen married Deliah DOWNING on 23 September 1832 in Coldwater, Mercer Ohio.

113. Deliah DOWNING was born 11 August 1810 in Virginia. She died 22 January 1887 in Delaware, Indiana.


114. William MILLER married Mary CARMACK.

115. Mary CARMACK.


116. John Samuel MCDOWELL was born 1797 in Ohio. He died after 1860 in Ohio. John married Margaret DEHAYS on 4 March 1840.

117. Margaret DEHAYS was born July 1812 in Eaton, Preble County, Ohio. She died 29 September 1845 in Ft. Recovery, Ohio.


118. Ransom DENNEY was born 31 October 1815 in Gallia County, Ohio. He died 8 October 1899 in Mercer County, Ohio and was buried in Macedon Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio. Ransom married Eliza O'KELEY on 27 December 1841 in Jay County, Indiana.

119. Eliza O'KELEY was born about 2 September 1815 in Jay County, Indiana. She died 12 December 1890 in Mercer County, Ohio.


124. Jacob MACKLIN (bio) was born 2 February 1801 in Pottsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died 2 October 1872 in Bearcreek Twp, Jay County, Indiana. Jacob married Elizabeth WEIST on 26 October 1824 in Fairfield County, Ohio.

125. Elizabeth WEIST was born 3 August 1806 in Fairfield County, Ohio. She died 12 February 1878.


126. Shadrack COLE was born 15 May 1811 in Ohio. He died about 1838 when a tree fell on him. Shadrack was a minister, and married Nancy Ellis SHEPHERD on 20 January 1831 in Columbus, Ohio.

127.Nancy Ellis SHEPHERD was born about 1809 in Franklin County, Ohio. She was buried in Daugherty Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.



Eighth Generation

136. Michael GRUBAUGH was born 16 May 1752 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He died 3 February 1844 in Richland, Ashland County, Ohio, and was buried in Bunker Hill Cemetery, Worthington Twp., Richland County, Ohio. Michael married UNKNOWN MARGARET.

137. UNKNOWN MARGARET1 was born 1747 in Germany. She died about 1802 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and was buried in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


138. Jacob FAUST married Catherine UNKNOWN.

139. Catherine UNKNOWN was the wife of Jacob FAUST.


152. Joseph GALLOWAY (bio) was born 8 January 1757 in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. He died 12 August 1838 in Wolfe Lake, Noble, Indiana and was buried in Griesinger Cemetery, Washington Township, Noble County, Indiana. Joseph married Isabel ORR on 15 June 1783 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

153. Isabel ORR was born 2 October 1759 in Pennsylvania. She died 31 August 1812.


168. John CLOSSON was born 18 Nov 1776 in New York, NY. He died 1821 in Rockingham, Vermont. John married Abiah on 1805 in Saxtons River, Vermont.

169. Abiah was the wife of John CLOSSON.


172. Thomas LIGHTHILL (bio & pic) was born 25 June 1766 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He died 3 August 1871 in Decatur, Iowa and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetary, Decatur, Iowa. Thomas married Jemima KITCHENS about 1792.

173. Jemima KITCHENS was born 1770. She was the wife of Thomas LIGHTHILL.


174. John HENDRICKS (bio) was the dad of Jemima HENDRICKS.


224. Stephen FRANK was born about 1776 in German Flats, Herkimer, New York. He died 1817 in Fort Pekin, Tennessee. Stephen married Margaret FRANK about 1803 in Herkimer, New York.

225. Margaret FRANK (bio) was born 11 August 1776 in German Flats, Herkimer, New York. She died 8 September 1841 in Butler Twp, Mercer, Ohio and was buried in Bone (Rosenbeck) Cemetery, Butler Twp, Mercer, Ohio.


226. Wilber DOWNING was born in Pennsylvania. He was the dad of Deliah Downing. Wilber Downing was a soldier of the war of 1812. (


232. Samuel MCDOWELL (bio) was born 1770. He died 4 May 1847 in Ft. Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio and was buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Ft. Recovery, Ohio. Samuel married Mary STUDEBAKER.

233. Mary STUDEBAKER was born 18 March 1778 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. She died 3 October 1853 in Ft Recovery, Ohio.


236. William DENNEY was born 1791 in Surry County, North Carolina. He died 3 October 1854 in Gallia County, Ohio, Springfield Township. William married Barbara HOPPES on 20 March 1813 in Gallia County, Ohio, Springfield Township. William was well known in the area as "TUSH" or "TUCH" BILL", this being due to long eyeteeth.

237. Barbara HOPPES was born 2 April 1796 in Surry County, North Carolina. She was the wife of William DENNEY.


248. Phillip MACKLIN was born 8 November 1765 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He died 6 September 1843 in Fairfield County, Pennsylvania. Phillip married Catherine Charlotte MILLER on 8 November 1792 in Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife were among the pioneers of Fairfield County, Ohio.

249. Catherine Charlotte MILLER was born 21 May 1769 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. She died 25 May 1845 in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Pennsylvania. She was the wife of Phillip MACKLIN.


252. John COLE was born 21 August 1781 in Pennsylvania. He died 25 April 1859 in New Philadelphia, Pike County, Illinois. John married Elizabeth GRAVES.

253. Elizabeth GRAVES was born about 1787 in Pennsylvania. She died 13 April 1859 in New Philadelpia or Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois.


254. William P. SHEPHERD was born 19 August 1778 in Fairfax County, Virginia. He died 17 June 1862 in Adams County, Indiana. William married Olivia Primrose EMERY on 14 April 1809 in Ross County, Ohio.

255. Olivia Primrose EMERY was born 18 August 1788 in Loudon County, Virginia. She died 25 April 1856 in Adams County, Indiana.


Ninth Generation

272. Jacob GRUMBACH (bio) was born 1731 in Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Germany and was christened 2 Feb 1731 in Evangelisch Kirchen, Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Germany. He died 1811 in Toboyne Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and was buried in Toboyne Twp, Cumberland now Perry County, Pennsylvania. Jacob married UNKNOWN ? in 1751.

273. UNKNOWN was the wife of Jacob GRUMBACH.


304. George GALLOWAY (bio) was born 1723 in Scotland. He died 1793 in Galloways Ford, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and was buried in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. George married Rebecca JUNKIN on 1741.

305. Rebecca JUNKIN was born 1720 in Monahan, Antrim, Ireland. She died 1780 in Mifflin, Pennsylvania. She was the wife of George GALLOWAY.


336. Wilbur CLOSSON was born 1754 in Jamestown, Virgina. He died 18 May 1830 in Rockingham, Vermont. Wilbur married Elizabeth DALEY on 1775 in New York, NY.

337. Elizabeth DALEY was the wife of Wilbur CLOSSON.


344. Johann Georg LEICHTENBERGER died January 1814. He married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.

345. Elizabeth UNKNOWN was the wife of Johann Georg LEICHTENBERGER.


448. John Stephen FRANK (bio) was born 1743 in Germany. He died 13 November 1833 in Busti, Chautauqua, New York and was buried in Frank Settlement Cemetery, Busti, Chautauqua, New York. John married Anna Eva Barbara FRANK on 16 February 1766 in Stone Arabia, Montgomery, New York.

449. Anna Eva Barbara FRANK was born about 1747 in German Flats, Herkimer, New York. She died 5 November 1833 in Busti, Chautauqua, New York and was buried in Frank Settlement Cemetery, Busti, Chautauqua, New York.


450. Lawrence FRANK married Mary MEYER.

451. Mary MEYER was the wife of Lawrence FRANK..


466. Abraham Sr. STUDEBAKER was born 1739 in Maryland. He died 15 August 1808 in Warren County, Ohio. Abraham married Mary Magdalena WHITEHEAD on 1765 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

467. Mary Magdalena WHITEHEAD was the wife of Abraham STUDEBAKER.


472. Samuel DENNEY was born 4 March 1764 in Virginia. He died January 1829 in Gallia County, Ohio. Samuel married Unknown WOOTEN before 1789 in Surry County, North Carolina.

473. Unknown WOOTEN was born about 1765. She was the wife of Samuel DENNEY.


496. John Peter MECHLING was born 1737 in Milford Twp., Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He died in 1765. John married Anna Barbara KURR on 21 October 1760.

497. Anna Barbara KURR was born 25 December 1737 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died 3 September 1804 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.


508. Lawrence SHEPHERD was born about 1737. He died 29 January 1842 in Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio. Lawrence married Anna BROWN.

509. Anna BROWN was born about 1746. She died 1 November 1850 in Frankfort, Ross County, Ohio.


510. George EMERY was born 2 October 1752 in Fredrick, Virgina. He died 3 July 1841 in Jefferson, Adams, Indiana.

Tenth Generation

544. Bartholomaus GRUMBACH "Barthel" was born in 1700 in Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Germany. He married Anna Maria HAENISCH.

545. Anna Maria HAENISCH was born 1709 in Ernstweiler, Pfalz, Germany. She was the wife of Bartholomaus GRUMBACH.


608. Samuel GALLOWAY was born 1673 in Wigton, Scotland. He died after 1723 in Scotland (Wigton and Kirkcudbright area). Samuel married Elizabeth GRAHM about 1710. Samuel was a Covenanter (a Scottish Presbyterian who supported either of two agreements, the National Covenant of 1638 or the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643, intended to defend and extend Presbyterianism.)

609. Elizabeth GRAHM (bio) was born 1679 in Wigton, Scotland. She died 13 November 1755.


610. John Lewis JUNKIN (bio) was born 1678 in Ireland. He died 1762. John married Margaret LYNN in 1705 in Ireland.

611. Margaret LYNN was born 1680 in Ireland. She was the wife of John Lewis JUNKIN.


672. Timothy CLOSSON (bio) was born 21 Jan 1728/1729 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. He died 9 Aug 1807 in Rockingham, Vermont. Timothy married Eunice POPPLETON about 1753.

673. Eunice POPPLETON was born 1739 in England. She died 1807 in Rockingham, Vermont.


896. Stephen FRANK was born before 1717 in Germany. He married Sophia FRANK.

897. Sophia FRANK was the wife of Stephen FRANK.


898. Henry FRANK married Catherine FRANK.

899. Catherine FRANK.


932. Peter STUDEBAKER (bio) was born 16 October 1695 in Solingen, Germany. He died before 8 June 1754 in Fredick County, Maryland. Peter married Ann Margaretha ASCHAUER on 24 March 1724/1725 in Solingen, Rhineland, Germany.

933. Ann Margaretha ASCHAUER was born 2 May 1702. She died in 1749.


944. John DENNEY (bio) was born before 1747 in Albermarle County, Virginia. He died 7 October 1780 in Kings Mountain, Guilford County, North Carolina. John married Elizabeth UNKNOWN.

945. Elizabeth UNKNOWN was born about 1748. She was the wife of John DENNEY.


992. Theobald MECHLING (bio) was born about 1701 in Germany. He died April 1765 in Northhampton County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Apr 1765 in old graveyard near Dillingersville, Pennsylvania. Theobald married Anna Elizabeth LAVER.

993. Anna Elizabeth LAVER was born before 1731 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. She died 3 Sep 1804. She was the wife of Theobald MECHLING.


994. Johan Thomas KURR was born 1717 in Germany. He died 1791. Johan married Elizabeth.

995. Elizabeth was born 1715 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the wife of Johan Thomas KURR.


1018.Phillip BROWN was born about 1720. He died about 1809 in Fluvanna, Virgina. Phillip married Elizabeth REEDER.

1019.Elizabeth REEDER was born about 1725. She died in Fluvanna, Virgina.


1020.Stephen EMERY was born about 1734 in Maryland. He died in Berkely, Virgina. Stephen married Elizabeth COOPER about 1751 in Maryland.

1021.Elizabeth COOPER was born about 1738 in Virgina. She died in Berkely, Virgina.

Eleventh Generation

1088.   Johannes GRUMBACH was born 4 December 1667 in Dutwiller, Germany. He died in Germany. Johannes married Maria Margretha VOLTZEN on 26 January 1697 in Evangelisch, Reformerte Kirchen, Boebingin, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany.

1089. Maria Margretha VOLTZEN was born about 1676 in prob. Duttwiler, Germany. She died in Germany.


1344.Nathan CLOSSON was born 3 Feb 1693/1694 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. He married Alice HART on 16 Mar 1715/1716 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.

1345.Alice HART was born 16 Oct 1694 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.


1346.Samuel POPPLETON was born 1710 in Yorkshire County, England. He died in New Jersey. Samuel married Rosanna WHALEY about 1738 in England. They settled in NJ about 1750.

1347.Rosanna WHALEY was born about 1712 in Yorkshire County, England. She died in New Jersey.


1864.Johannes STUDEBAKER was born 10 April 1662 in Solingen, Germany. He died 4 July 1728 in Solingen, Germany. Johannes married Catherine RAU on 9 May 1692 in Solingen, Rhineland, Germany.

1865.Catherine RAU was born 3 February 1670 in Solingen, Germany. She died 7 February 1712 in Solingen, Germany.


1866.Andreas ASCHAUER was the dad of Ann Margaretha ASCHAUER.


1888.Samuel DENNEY (bio) was born before 1715 in County, Armaugh, Ireland. He died about 1800 in Kentucky or Virginia. Samuel married Ann SOUTHARD about 1746 in Albemarle (Amherst) County, Virginia.

1889.Ann SOUTHARD was born about 1714 in Albemarle County, Virginia. She died before 1800 in Surry County, North Carolina. (Southard may also be spelled Suddarth or Sudworth.)


1986. John Peter LAVER married Ann Margaret UNKNOWN.

1987. Ann Margaret UNKNOWN was the wife of John Peter LAVER.


Twelfth Generation

2176.Christian GRUMBACH was born about 1646 in Sumiswald, Bern, Switzerland. He died 14 October 1702 in Duttweiler, Germany. Christian married Anna Catherine KLEIN on 7 June 1664 in Duttweiller, Germany. Possibly moved to Germany from Switzerland sometime after the end of the 30 Year's War (1618-1648)

2177.Anna Catherine KLEIN was born about 1650 in Germany. She died 19 January 1720 in Duttweiler, Germany. She was the wife of Christian GRUMBACH.


2178.Hans VOLTZEN was born in Germany. He was the dad of Maria Margretha VOLTZEN


2688.Josiah CLOSSON (bio) was born 1655 in Tiverton, Little Compton, Rhode Island. He died 13 Jan 1698/1699 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Josiah married Mary WILLIAMSON on 9 Mar 1678/1679.

2689.Mary WILLIAMSON was born 17 July 1654 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts. She died about 1721 in Little Compton, Rhode Island.


2690.Richard HART was born 1635 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He died Jan 1693/1694 in Near Boston. Richard married Hannah WILLIAM in 1693. He was a seaman on the sloop DRAGON.

2691.Hannah WILLIAM was the wife of Richard Hart.


2692.William POPPLETON was born in Ireland. He was the dad of Samuel POPPLETON.


2694.Edward WHALEY was born about 1686 in England. He was the dad of Rosanna WHALEY.


3728.Peter STAUDENBECKER was born about 1632 in Solingen, Germany. He died before 1692 in Solingen, Germany. Peter married Unknown BICK.

3729.Unknown BICK was the wife of Peter STAUDENBECKER.


3732.Jan ASCHAUER was born about 1645. He was the dad of Andreas ASCHAUER.

Thirteenth Generation

4352.Nicolai GRUMBACH was born in Sumiswald, Bern, Switzerland. He died before 1664 in Duttweiller, Germany. He was the dad of Christian GRUMBACH.


4354. Johannes KLEIN was born about 1624 in Duttweiler, Germany. He was the dad of Anna Catherine KLEIN.


5376.Daniel CLOSSON was born about 1625. He died 2 July 1702 in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Daniel married Elizabeth UNKNOWN about 1654.

5377.Elizabeth UNKNOWN was the wife of Daniel CLOSSON.


5378.Timothy WILLIAMSON (bio) was born 1620 in England. He died August 1676 in Marshfield, Massachusetts and was buried in Winslow Burying Ground, Marshfield, MA. Timothy married Mary HOWLAND on 6 June 1653 in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

5379.Mary HOWLAND was born 1629 in Plymouth Marshfield, Massachusetts. She died 26 August 1690 in Plymouth Marshfield, Massachusetts.


5380.Nicholas HART was born about 1614. He died 1682 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Nicholas married Joane ROSSITER on 1642 in Taunton, Massachusetts.

5381.Joane ROSSITER was born about 1616 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. She died 9 June 1691 in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.


7456. Andreas "Drees" STAUDENBECKER was born 1604 in Germany. He died 1684 in Solingen, Germany. Andreas married Unknown.


7464.Driess ASCHAUER was born about 1620. He was the dad of Jan ASCHAUER.


Fourteenth Generation

10758.Arthur HOWLAND (bio) was born 1590 in England. He died 30 Oct 1675. Arthur was an early colonist of the Plymouth Colony. Arthur married Margaret Mary REED.

10759.Margaret Mary REED was born 1600 in England. She died 1683.


10760.Richard HART was born about 1588 in London, England. He married UNKNOWN about 1613.

10761.UNKNOWN was the wife of Richard HART.


10762.Edward ROSSITER (bio) was born 1575 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. He died 23 Oct 1630 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Edward married Margery COMBE about 1598.

10763.Margery COMBE was born 4 May 1581 in Otterford, Somerset, England. She died 29 August 1669 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut.


14912.     Unknown STAUDENBECKER (bio) was born 1574 in Luttringhausen, Germany. He married Unknown in Luttringhausen, Germany.
The Stutenbeckers in Germany were skilled blade makers; their insignia was a trademark in the shape of a nettle leaf. Eventually, in America, some of their descendants would be known for their covered wagons.

14913.     Unknown was born in Luttringhausen, Germany. She was the wife of Unknow STAUDENBECKER.


Fifteenth Generation

21516.Henry HOWLAND was born 1564 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England. He married Margaret AIRES on 26 April 1600 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

21517.Margaret AIRES was born 1567. She died 31 July 1629. She was the wife of Henry HOWLAND.


21524.Nicholas ROSSITER was born 1539 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. He died 1 April 1608 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. Nicholas married Elizabeth UNKNOWN on 1570 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England.

21525.Elizabeth UNKNOWN was the wife of Nicholas ROSSITER..


21526.John COMBE was born in 1540 in Otterford, Somerset, England. He died in November 1593 in Otterford, Somerset, England. John married Agnes UNKNOWN in 1558 in Otterford, Somerset, England.

21527.Agnes UNKNOWN was born in 1542 in Otterford, Somerset, England.



Sixteenth Generation

43032.John HOWLAND was born 10 August 1541 in Essex, England. He died 1574. John married Emma REVEL in 1560 in Essex, England.

43033.Emma REVEL was born in 1542 in Essex, England. She died 1614 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England.


43048.Philip ROSSITER was born before 1499 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England. He died about 1583. Philip married Katherine LYTE.
He was a musician to King James I.

Phillip married twice. His second wife was Katherine LYTE of North Curry in somerset and they had four children, Phillip, John, Elizabeth, and Hugh. Phillip became the noted musician to the court of James 1st and one of England's finest song writers.

43049.Katherine LYTE was born about 1499 in Comb St. Nicholas, Somerset, England.


43052. John COMBE was born 1510 in Otterford, Somerset, England. He died 1569/1570 in Otterford, Somerset, England. John married Thomasine UNKNOWN in 1537 in Otterford, Somerset, England.

43053.Thomasine UNKNOWN was born 1516 in Otterford, Somerset, England. She died in June 1563 in Otterford, Somerset, England.


Seventeenth Generation

86064.John HOWLAND was born about 1511 in Newport Pond, London, England. He died 1568/1570 in Essex, England. John married Anne GREENWAY about 1539 in England.

86065.Anne GREENWAY was born about 1515 in Clay, Norfolk, England. She died about 1586/1588 in St. Peter, England.


86066.Nicholas REVEL was born about 1511 in Middlesex, England. He married about 1538 in London, England. He is the dad of Emma REVEL.


86096.Richard ROSSITER (bio) was born about 1461 in England. He died 3 September 1529. Richard married Elizabeth PEYRE about 1490.

86097.Elizabeth PERYE was born about 1468 in Wembley, Middlesex, England. She died 1558 in Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England.


86098.William LYTE married Dorothea UNKNOWN, and was the dad of Katherine LYTE.

86099.Dorothea UNKNOWN was the wife of William LYTE.


86104. Richard COMBE was born in 1480 in Otterford, Somerset, England. He died 1519/1520 in Otterford, Somerset, England. Richard married Johane UNKNOWN in 1509 in Otterford, Somerset, England.

86105.Johane UNKNOWN was born 1488 in Otterford, Somerset, England.


Eighteenth Generation

172192.William ROSSITER was born about 1437. He married Joan UNKNOWN about 1462.

172193.Joan UNKNOWN was the wife of William ROSSITER..


172194.William PERYE was born about 1442 in Membury, Devon, England. He married Unknown FRYE.

172195.Unknown FRYE was born about 1446.


Nineteenth Generation

344388.Christopher PERYE was born 1416 in Membury, Devon, England. He married Emma HELE on 1440 in Membury, Devon, England. He had the title of Esquire, which in medieval England meant an attendant and shield bearer to a knight; or a candidate for knighthood.

344389.Emma HELE was born 1420 in Membury, Devon, England.


344390.John FRYE was born 1421 in Yarty, Devon, England.


Twentieth Generation

688778.Thomas HELE was born 1395 in Membury, Devon, England.


Twenty-First Generation

1377556.Nicholas HELE was born 1370 in Cornwood, Devon, England. He died after 1412. Nicholas married Isabella WATER.

1377557.Isabella WATER was born 1375 in Membury, Devon, England.


Twenty-Second Generation

2755114.William WATER was born 1350 in Membury, Devon, England.


Twenty-Third Generation

5510228.Simon WATER was born 1325 in Membury, Devon, England