Elizabeth Black
3rd Great-Grandma

Elizabeth Black was married to David Grubaugh; after David's death, she married John Horn. So Elizabeth Horn is the same person as Elizabeth Black (Grubaugh).

1860 Green Township Census, Ashland County, Ohio has John Horn as a farmer with $3200 in real estate and $ 400 in personal property. He is 60, Elizabeth is 54, George is 16, Rebecca A. is 15, Jemima (Minnietta) is 13, Charlotte is nine, and Harriet (Hattie) is 5. John and Elizabeth were born in Pennsylvania and all of the others in Ohio.

The Harden Bible states that Elizabeth died in 1907. An article in the Newaygo Republican, "Local News," states she is still alive on 1 November 1906: "Mrs. Myron Black and Mrs. Elizabeth Horn went to Hayesville, Ohio, on Monday last, where Mrs. Horn will make her future home. They were accompanied by Master Isaac Bullis."

Kathryn Van Auken in a 17 January 2002 email writes that she found Elizabeth Horn's obituary. "Then we found our Grandma Elizabeth's obituary deep in the book. It was also in the Loudonville Democrat on Thursday, January 24, 1907. It was titled "Death of a Pioneer." She had died on Sunday (January 20, 1907) at the home of her daughter Mrs... Mary Liston in Hayesville after "an illness of several weeks with infirmities incident to her age." It says "She was born in Pittsburgh, Penn. February 16, 1811 and was aged 96 years 11 months and 4 days." It went on to say "She had resided for the past thirteen years at Newaygo, Mich. and returned last November to spend the remainder of her days with her daughter at Hayesville. She was married to David Grubaugh and to this union six children were born. Of these Daniel Grubaugh, of Pittsburg, Penn. and Mrs. Mary Liston of Hayesville, survive. She was again married to John Horn and to this union three daughters were born all of whom are now deceased." It says her services were held at two o'clock at the Bethesda Chapel, near McKay, of which she was a member for many years, conducted by the Rev. H.E. Williamson of McZena. Interment was made in the chapel cemetery." This is the only record we have found of her death or interment.

Kathryn continues, "We went to the cemetery and didn't find a tombstone. This didn't surprise us because she was so old when she died that her immediate descendants were mostly all dead by then and her remaining descendants probably didn't have the emotional attachment or the money for a stone for her. The cemetery doesn't have her plotted, but does have some graves right next to Harriet and Charlotte marked "Unknown". There are six Liston's buried right near Harriet's and Charlotte's graves also. They didn't have Harriet or Charlotte marked as being buried there either, but as we pointed out to the Green Twsp. gentleman who is the caretaker for the cemetery, their tombstones are there! He said that he is going to go and check the cemeteries again as soon as the township figures out how to deal with the discrepancies at the closed cemeteries. He is really interested in having it right. There are quite a few tombstone pieces piled up in a back corner at both cemeteries from long ago and it is unknown where the graves are in the particular cemeteries."

The Mc Kay cemetery was next on Kathryn's list. "We went to Mc Kay cemetery and found Grandpa John's grave and tombstone next to some other Horn's graves. There were Liston's and Black's in the same cemetery. We took photographs and did chalk etchings along with photographs of all of the stones with family names that we could. We have been there three times so far. I love this researching adventure thing! We have found records in the probate office and in books of our John Horn, from Stark County, Ohio, purchasing 80 acres for $1.25 per acre on January 24,1832 for the sum of $100.00. We were able to ascertain where the land is, drove out there and took pictures. The view is breathtaking. I TOOK A ROCK right off of the land that our ancestors lived on over 150 years ago! It now sets in my rose and flower garden in my front yard so I see it every time I am on my front walk."

Elizabeth's will (right part of page torn):
"In the name of the Benevolent Father of ... I Elizabeth Horn, widow of John Horn ... of Green Township Ashland County Ohio do ... and publich this my last Will and testament ... follows to wit.
"Item. First my will is that all my Just debts and Funeral Expenses be paid including tomb stone worth about $25.00 and what may ... of my property real or personal or both ... is shall be disposed of as follows:
"I give devise and bequeath to Minni[e Horn] daughter of Harriett Horn and John ... Son of Charlotte Stump (Said Harnette ... Charlotte) were my Children by Hohn Horn ... property both real and & personal and ... money or claims that I may be the owner ... the time of my death the said Minnie and th[] ... John Each to have an equal half share as ... alike. Except the ... time that ... already given to Minnie, and I want my ... apparrel divided equally between my ... daughters. One of the reasons for my giving my ... property herein divis[?] to the grand Chil[...] above named it originally came from the esta[te] of John Horn deceased.
"I revoke all former wills by me made[?] ... that no appraisement of any of my property ... and that the Probate Judge so order And should on ... be required for the reason that the Legatees Can not ... then my will is that John Stump be appointed by the Cour[t] ... but my will is that they agree to and pay all ... expenses and divide the property with out fur[...] witness my hand this 20th day of August 1890.
"Elizabeth [her mark] Horn
"The said Elizabeth Horn acknowledges th[...] and sealing of the above as her last Will & ... by making her mark in our presence ass[...] signed in her presence and in the presence of each other.
"[Signed] D. Guth, J. D. Jones"

In 1828 Elizabeth first married David Grubaugh. David may possibly have been the son of George Grubaugh (1770-1818) & Susanna Faust (1772-1804), at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born ca 1795 at Mohentongo Twp. Northumberland County, PA. David died at Pittsburgh, Allengheny Co, PA, ca 1845-46.