(7th Great-Grandma)

Elizabeth immigrated in 1740 to Pennsylvania. Before she came to America, she moved from Scotland to Ireland with her 7 sons. They had settled in County Antrim, Ireland, which became known as the Galloway District. There is no record of Samuel Galloway coming to America, but Elizabeth immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1740 with her seven sons, and some of their wives and children.

In 1755 at the beginning of the French & Indian War, near Chambersburg in Cumberland County, according to Sipes' "Indian Wars in Pennsylvania" (p.22), Elizabeth, her daugher-in-law, Mrs. William Galloway, and two children were killed by Indians. (www.iwaynet.net/~lsci/junkin/family/B1WJ.htm) (http://home.att.net/~donnertree/nti00773.html)