My favorite animal, books, foods, hobbies, and music are...

Animal-Horses (especially Rocky Mountain horses) and Golden

Books-Phantom Stallion Series By Terri Farley and Puppy
Patrol Series By Jenny Dale!

Foods-Pizza Pizza and More Pizza!!! Malt o meal too!

Hobbies-Drawing Horses, Neopets.com, Piano Lessons, Play
Station, My Dog Gus, Watching My Saddle Club DVD, Riding
Horses even Though I Don't Have One!!!

Music- Hilary Duff, Jump5 (I Went To One Of Their Concerts)!!!

I'm in 4th grade this year. I will be going to middle school next
year. My favorite subjects are: Art and Social Studies thats all
really. My teachers over the years have been nice. My teacher
plays Football with me and my classmates. My favorite sport is
Football and so is all my friends. I have three friends and they are
really nice and fun. One has one horse and another has two and one
has none. Their horses are really nice. I got to ride one of their
horses once! One of my freinds have a horse thats pregnant!!!
All of the horses are really cute and I can't wait to see the baby!!!

Thanks for visiting my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Liston's!