Another Normal Day of School


It is seven fifty-four,
And I'm running out the door.

I'm going to be late for school,
But it's not like that's unusual.

My teachers hate me; yes they do,
Since I used that super-glue.

And I spilled chemicals by the door,
It turns out they went through the floor.

My show and tell ate my teacher's shoes,
How was I to know they were new.

I hit my gym teacher with a soccer ball,
And didn't think it would hurt at all.

My pet snake followed me to school,
He ate one of the kids; that was pretty cool.

In shop I sneezed and threw my saw,
And for some reason my teacher bandaged his jaw.

I get to class and sit in the very back on a stool,
Today starts another normal day of school.

By: Renee Schmidt