I can hear it, tick-tock, tick-tock,
It is almost nine o'clock,
I turn and look at the t.v,
And see what happened in New York City,
Terror strikes me like a bullet,
It's too much; I can't stand it,
What happened there isn't fair,
I think about our despair,
Many, many lives were lost,
And of course for what cost,
Were they trying to make us weak,
Hold on now and let me think,
Did they try to tear us apart forever,
No, they just brought us together,
Many people are still grieving,
About friends and family who are leaving,
All we have to really ask is why,
Why do you hurt us, why do you make us cry,
Why do you put terror in American hearts,
Why do you try to tear us apart,
For all of that terror that lies within,
Will turn into power, and we will win.

By: Renee Schmidt