There are certain flowers in our world that very seldom open up so most will walk by and never now what they missed. But, if you are one of the fortunate ones that happen to experience the opening and blooming of that flower, you will cherish that memory forever! Missy is that flower! Quiet and unassuming as she walked on this earth, most missed seeing the true beauty of this precious flower. Yet, for the lucky ones, we were gifted to see the smile that indicated that you were a true friend…or the subtle sense of humor that indicated that you had touched Missy's heart…or possibly, even felt the playful jab that indicated a connection that was unique and special.

If you were one of the lucky ones to really know Missy, thank your God for the gift of that precious flower in your life and cherish that memory.

If you missed this opportunity, as you walked through the garden of life, pray that your God helps you to recognize the other beautiful ones that we walk quietly by.

Though our God cries with us during this difficult time, it is He who if fortunate…for that 'Garden' above has just received a most beautiful flower in its center…the flower we knew as Missy!

By: Mr. Casey (6th Grade Teacher)