A Beautiful Angel

She will always be in my heart, and her beautiful face will always stay with me. Even though I cannot write a poem on paper the way I have it in my head, she knows what it is about! I remember so many good memories with her like when we would always skip class just to talk, or at parties we would go off by ourselves and talk or do something funny. I can always remember her parties like they were yesterday. We would always pull a prank on her at her birthday parties like toilet paper her or duck tape her presents. Her last party was the best of all. On her 14th birthday, her mom came down stairs and she was talking to us and she told us that the pool sticks were broken, so I told her that she sucked. It was so funny because she was chasing me and saying, "What did you say?" We laughed so hard that day. For Christmas she gave me a cute tie-dye teddy, but she just didn't wrap it! She got me back and ducked tape the shoebox the teddy was in. So I had to wait till lunch to open it, once I opened it she took it and ran around the school with it. I didn't get that teddy back till like fifth-teen minutes later! It was her favorite teddy, so I put it in her coffin so she will always have it and remember that funny memory!

We would have so much fun together! She had me over once, and we had hot dogs for dinner. Well, unfortunately, they didn't end up in our mouths; they ended up all over us. We laughed so hard that night we probably laughed for like ten minutes non-stop! I was always the wacko one and she thought I was sometimes a freak, but we would always end up laughing so hard. I can also remember one Halloween night in Keystone I was with Missy and a couple of other friends, We were all so hyper that night, especially me, cause everyone thought I went nuts or something. But then everyone would join in with me and be a freak. We were passing out candy to the little kids, and Grady wanted to help. It was so funny because we all said, "No", and we just started yelling at him.

We had so many other good times together and so many good times we won't have together, like going to prom or going on that cruise we promised to go on our graduation year! We will never be able to go to clubs or hang out with the cute hot guys. She will never be able to get married or have children or even be a veterinarian, but all those things she will do up in heaven with God! She was my bestest friend, and I regret the stupid fights we ever had, but she will always be my bestest friend and no one can never change that.

I loved Missy so much we would always want to be each other. We had so much in common, and the special part of our friendship that made us feel like sisters was talking to each other about our problems and other things! Missy and I were like sisters and it is so hard letting someone go that you love so much! This just doesn't seem real, and I still don't understand why it had to happen. I know that I will have someone waiting up there for me, and Missy will be saving a seat for me and we will reunite once again. I know that Missy will be watching us and helping us through the bad times. To me I think that all of these fun times happened just yesterday, and it was so easy to remember good times with her. She was the best friend you could ever had because our friendship was a never ending one, and that we will never forget each other and we would stay best friends forever! Today I see her as a beautiful angel watching over us, and that she will always be in my heart forever and ever!

Love Always,
Jennifer J. Johann