The Love for A Father


The love for a father,
is very, very old.
But the love for a father,
you cannot hold.

It is something that you treasure,
inside your heart.
It is a wonder, you see,
that cannot be torn apart.

The love for my father,
was very strong.
But then he did something,
I'm not sure if it was wrong.

He had an illness,
depression I am told.
It was an illness to his mind,
one he couldn't control.

He took a shotgun and bullet,
I was told that day.
And in his heart,
is where that bullet lay.

The love for a father,
is everlasting I believe.
Just like the love,
for my father and me.

I lost my father,
on that Thursday.
But the love for my father,
I have till this day.

                                                 By: Renee Schmidt


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