To My Guardian Angel

Youíll never go to prom,
Or do the things we planned.
No more parties at your house or mine,
No more time just to be together
Or to listen to the music you loved so much.
No more time for me to spend with you,
Or for me just to see your beautiful face.
Why did it have to be you?
I never thought I would ever have to go through this,
Especially at my age.
I thought this was supposed to be the time where
All you had to worry about was the test on Monday,
Or if anyone would notice your new clothes.
But itís all different now.
You had to leave us,
And we all miss you so.
Yet as we sit here crying,
And wondering why it had to happen
To such a wonderful person,
We have to realize why God took you away from us.
He must have been really lonely,
And needed someone to talk to.
So he brought you up,
Because you were the one he needed.
And though we wish it never happened,
It still did and we can never take it back.
But I know youíre up there smiling,
Like usual, just saving a few seats for us,
Youíre our guardian angel,
The only difference now is that
Youíre not visible to us during the day,
But at night, you wander spreading your love and hope,
Like nothing has changed.

By: Elaine Roy