I stay there lying on the ground,
and think of my life all around.

I took a choice to drink and drive,
I wonder if I'll live or die.

I heard Mom say drink pop instead,
and now I picture myself dead.

I can feel the rain coming down,
and see the car turned upside down.

I look at the blood on my leg,
and think about my sister Meg.

We were in the car together,
when I drove out in this weather.

I look around me frantically,
and see her body far from me.

She is cut and scratched and bloody,
around her the ground is muddy.

What I fear the worst and I dread,
is that my sister may be dead.

I can hear the sirens fading,
and it's what I've been debating.

I know that I am going to die,
because I chose to drink and drive.

By: Renée Schmidt