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Iowa Compliance Booklet Includes all my Iowa compliance, Iowa QnA, and CPI info. Keep it at hand as you filll out the form. 40 pages $5.25 ppd.


1. Select Evaluator (looking for a portfolio evaluator? scroll down!)

2. Fill out CPI form

3. File CPI form with local district

4. Keep diary and examples of work

5. Submit to evaluator on or before April 30

6. Evaluator submits report by June 30 to parent, disctrict, Dept. of Education

7. Evaluator reports 'adequate academic progress'. If not, skip to step 9.

8. DONE!

9. Seek remediation plan. If refused, cannot continue homeschooling. Otherwise

10. DONE!

Periodically, I receive inquiries concerning the availability of portfolio evaluators. I am establishing a confidential registry of portfolio evaluators.

Are you currently, or are you interested in becoming, a portfolio evaluator? Contact Me: put "Portfolio Evaluator" in the subject line

If you're looking for a portfolio evaluator, I may be able to put you in touch with someone who matches your philosophy, and your geographic location. I may have an opening myself for the right family.

Are you seeking a portfolio evaluator this school year? Contact Me: put "Seeking Portfolio Evaluator" in the subject line

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