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Don't Do What Schools Do

Detoxing: Shatter Schoolish Thinking that Crushes Creativity and Limits Learning 40 pp. $3.25 ppd.

From the book:
"First parents, and later schools, give an unspoken promise to children: We promise that we will feed their hunger for learning; that we will never betray their trust; that we will never use their openness against them. So long as we keep those promises, they remain open to wonder, eager to learn.

When schools and schoolishness break these promises, trust evaporates, taking innocence and wonder with it. Wary now, children develop survival behaviors appropriate to an environment increasingly hostile to learning."
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As long as the Senate is divided 50-50, only non-controversial legislation will pass.

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I highly recommend [Destinations] for families just starting to homeschool or experiencing burnout and wondering why. Ann Zeise

If your 11-17YO hasn't set their own goals, now's the time to start. The sooner they become the engine for achievement, the better. You'll find all you need in

Set Goals Now!

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Wherever you are in your homeschool journey, do you know where you're going? Destinations helps you set your own unique course. After all, isn't that why you decided to homeschool in the firstplace? More?