"Cost of Curriculum"
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The Cost of Curriculum

What does curriculum cost?

I recently looked on as a group of homeschoolers talked about "the cost" of a certain curriculum. Now, when most homeschoolers talk about "curriculum," they mean a packaged or "boxed" course of study.

The whole discussion fascinated me because it settled down into a comparison of dollars and cents-- of strictly monetary cost. That's not what I think of when I think about the cost of curriculum. The main cost of curriculum is not in dollars and cents. There are multiple costs to using "boxed curriculum," but they all boil down to something economists call "opportunity cost." Put simply, time and resources used in following a "boxed curriculum" are time and resources unavailable for anything else.

A Tall Order

One of my dear friends, a brilliant and successful doctor, described the cost of so many years of demanding curriculum this way: "It cost me my creativity." Well, of course.
The whole theory behind a general "boxed curriculum" is that