Teacher Supervision Compliance
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Teacher Supervision

Iowa Compliance Booklet Includes all my Iowa compliance, Iowa QnA, and CPI info. Keep it at hand as you filll out the form. 40 pages $5.25 ppd.


1. Select Teacher -- (looking for a teacher? scroll down!)

2. Fill out CPI form with teacher's folder number

3. File CPI form with local district

4. Have two (2) contacts with teacher per 45 days of instruction, 1 of which is face to face

5. DONE!

Every year, all during the school year, I receive inquiries concerning the availability of supervising teachers. I am establishing a confidential registry of supervising teachers.

Are you currently, or are you interested in becoming, a supervising teacher in Iowa? Contact Me: put "Supervising Teacher" in the subject line

If you're looking for a supervising teacher, I may be able to put you in touch with someone who matches your philosophy, and your geographic location. I may have an opening myself for the right family.

Are you seeking a teacher to supervise your homeschool this school year? Contact Me: put "Seeking Supervising Teacher" in the subject line

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