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We have a satire for parents who want to break their addiction to curriculum; a story with mystery, romance, and drama for the whole family; and help for parents who want to understand how their children learn. I own all these books and love them!

Sabre-Tooth Curriculum

J. A. Peddiwell


Wherever two or three home- schoolers gather, they will discuss curriculum. If you want to be liberated from curriculm worship forever, read this timeless satire. It's either to good to be true, or to funny to be good--well, you'll see. I first read it in my grad school curriculum class. A classic!

The Thread That Runs So True

Jesse Stuart


A true story of a young teacher, himself just graduated from highschool, going to teach in a backwoods Kentucky school in the 1920s. He goes to the school where a young adult 6th grader had blacked his sister's eyes and driven her out of the teaching job. If that's not enough drama, find out the secret of "The Thread That Runs So True," the secret to learning he discovered, and shares with his readers. Fascinating!

In Their Own Way
Thomas Armstrong


Once you get over your reverence for curriculum, and learn the secret of learning itself, let Thomas Armstrong show you how to help your children learn "In Their Own Way." Armstrong, a Ph.D. in special education, leaves no sacred cow ungored. His chapter on learning disabilities, "Dysteachia" is worth the price of the book all by itself."