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Serving Up Geography

Here's an easy, inexpensive idea we used more than once.

Purchase a large wall map of the World--although any large map could be used. Place it on your table top, and cover with a layer of clear plastic. You'll want something around 4 mil thick or so, to protect the map.
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At meal times, or any time you're at the table, you can play games, ask questions, or just look at the map while you eat. It's amazing the things kids can learn from this continuous exposure to maps.
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When company comes, or if you just want the table to look nice, a regular table cloth can be put on top of the plastic. Otherwise, the plastic cleans easily and protects the map and the table.

Of course, other charts and posters might be put to similar use. It's a painless way to expose kids to information, an easy way to stimulate questions and provide the start to discussions that provide lasting learning.