Iowa Home School Statute
The entire text of the Iowa Compulsory Attendance Statute follows. Under the statute, Home schooling is called "Competent Private Instruction". Most of the requirements are listed ins 299A and following. As time permits, I will annotate the statute to clarify some of the requirements. Until then, look for headings in bold italics (see 299.4 Reports as to private instruction) to indicate the most pertinent sections. Also, the administrative code, which implements this statute (see 299A.10), is not available on line at this time.

299.1 Attendance requirements.

Except as provided in section 299.2, the parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian of a child who is of compulsory attendance age, shall cause the child to attend some public school, an accredited nonpublic school, or competent private instruction in accordance with the provisions of chapter 299A, during a school year, as defined under section 279.10. The board of directors of a public school district or the governing body of an accredited nonpublic school shall set the number of days of required attendance for the schools under its control.

The board of directors of a public or the governing body of an accredited nonpublic school may, by resolution, require attendance for the entire time when the schools are in session in any school year and adopt a policy or rules relating to the reasons considered to be valid or acceptable excuses for absence from school.

299.2 Exceptions.

Section 299.1 shall not apply to any child:

1. Who has completed the requirements for graduation in an accredited school or has obtained a high school equivalency diploma under chapter 259A.

2. Who is excused for sufficient reason by any court of record or judge.

3. While attending religious services or receiving religious instructions.

4. Who is attending a private college preparatory school accredited or probationally accredited under section 256.11, subsection 13.

5. Who has been excused under section 299.22.

6. Who is exempted under section 299.24.

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