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Glossary of Iowa Terms
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Terms from Iowa Statute

CPI or Competent Private Instruction:

Students not enrolled in public school or accredited non-public school are "under Competent Private Instruction." Includes both homeschool and non-accredited non-publilc school children.

CPI form

Forms available from the local school district. Items on the first page are mostly required, as designated by the detailed instructions which come with the form. Filed with school district. School district has no authority to reject, evaluate, or verify the forms. The law says the district "receives" the report only. The most they can do is return the forms claiming they are incomplete.


For those who choose the portfolio option, the evaluator is a certified teacher who will perform the evaluation. If, in the evaluator's opinion, the child has made "adequate academic progress," then you're OK. According to statute, Superintendent can refuse, but this rerely happens. If it does, you select another, and another, until the Superintendent approves. In practice, it's more trouble than it's worth to refuse you.

HSAP, Home School Assistance Program

Program run by school district where they hire and pay the supervising teacher(s). Children enrolled bring the district 0.6 appropriation. Parents do not need to fill out CPI form for enrolled children. No other evaluation required. Districts are not required to offer HSAP, and can add requirements for participation. Parents are not required to participate.


A diary or other written record of the activities the child engages in, and samples of work showing progress


Meeting regularly with a certified teacher to who keeps a record of visits and monitors progress.