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Perfect Fit

Don't just change the location, change the experience.

You wouldn't buy shoes that cramp your child's feet, so why spend good money on a curriculum that cramps you child's learning? Don't cripple your child's learning by shoe-horning their brains into a cramped, off-the-rack curriculum that fits no one.

What you really want is a curriculum tailor-made to fit your child, your family. --But is that really possible?

Of course. We'll help you identify your child's learning styles and interests.

Then, using our parent-proven forms, you can develop a curriculum that harnesses your child's natural passion for learning.

Instead of 'motivating' them (read 'pushing') to 'finish the books,' you'll marvel at their ambition and achievement.

Instead of struggling to mold them into someone else's vision of the 'average student,' share the joy as together you discover their unique gifts.

This experience can be yours!

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