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Proven Results

This can work for you, as it has for hundreds of others. How can I be so sure?

Because as a professional teacher with long experience, and a devoted homeschool Dad, I've helped hundreds of families for nearly thirty years.

Destinations came out of observing which homeschool families enjoyed the most success, and produced young people ready to take on the world.

Next, I tested the materials in Destinations with scores of homeschool families. They used the materials, employed the methods, and gave us feedback on the results. Only after incorporating their suggestions and validating the results did we make these available to the general public.

For about the price of a single textbook, You can enjoy the benefit of all this proven experience. With 'Destinations,' every homeschool is a unique expression of the family using it.

Of course. We'll help you identify your child's learning styles and interests.

Then, using our parent-proven forms, you can develop a curriculum that harnesses your child's natural passion for learning.

Instead of 'motivating' them (read 'pushing') to 'finish the books,' you'll marvel at their ambition and achievement.

Instead of struggling to mold them into someone else's vision of the 'average student,' share the joy as together you discover their unique gifts.

This experience can be yours!

Buy "Destinations" Now. $25.00 ppd.
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